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Address: 125 Bradford Rd Amite LA 70422
Phone Number: 9852478560
Person of Contact: Candice Adams Whigham

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Courage To Save CPR Training
Courage To Save CPR Training
Courage To Save CPR Training
Courage To Save CPR Training

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Additional Information

Courage To Save CPR Training, LLC, incorporated in 2020 in Amite, LA, is an emergency
training school that certifies its students through American Heart Association, American Red
Cross and American Safety and Health Institute. Committed to equipping, training, and certifying
students with high-quality CPR skills, CTS serves community members and healthcare workers,
particularly women who have an expressed desire to save lives whether in any public setting, in-
facility, pre-hospital, and/or hospital setting. We strive to train in lifesaving measures primarily
through Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and through providing career, emotional, and
mental wellness support for those entering the healthcare field or any field that caters to the
whole person's well-being. Courage To Save CPR Training, LLC, in fulfilling its basic purpose of
providing high-quality CPR training, endeavors to foster an environment whose primary focus is
to provide energetic, supportive mental wellness (mindfulness), and stimulating scenarios and
hands-on skills sessions to its students. Additionally, our company works with students and
community organizations to facilitate well-being, social emotional learning (SEL) through
workshops and seminars. Coaching, Mentoring and Consulting, Programming and Education, and Response Readiness (CPR) Training. We develop programs to strengthen skills, abilities, processes and resources that organizations and communities need to adapt and thrive in a fast-changing world. Our CPR Training programs focus on preparing our students for not only cardiopulmonary resuscitation (work-
related and bystander hard skills) but also social emotional learning (SEL/ interpersonal/living