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Address: 2787 Del Monte St. West Sacramento, CA. 95691
Phone Number: 916-277-8090
Fax Number: 916-303-1635
Person of Contact: Nick Aboosh

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We are a specialty Commercial Landscape company that is a Certified Small Business. We have over 25 years of Landscape Management experience in Northern and Southern California dealing with an array of problems like invasive pests, roadside weeds to full service landscape management. Over the years we have worked side by side with government agencies, landscape architects, landscape managers, and Home Owners Associations to solve their project needs. What separates us from other companies is our ability to manage multiple landscape services and multiple landscape sites. We can also support your landscape or site with unique project solving, using our vast knowledge of all landscape solutions and resources. We have the capability to spray 30 acres a day in wide open spaces. We handle all PCA written recommendations, chemical usage reports, pre/post herbicide programs, treatments and proper rates tracking. We are a California Certified Small Business and have Qualified Applicators Licenses with categories in Right of Way, Aquatic and others. Plus we are licensed California Contractors (C-27). Services we offer are: • Chemical and mechanical weed control • Pre-and-post-emergent herbicides, • Sod installation, aeration & over-seeding, and dethatching • Injection Treatments (Spray-free tree applications) • Insect and Disease applications; Anthracnose treatment • Fruit Control - Olive Control, Liquid Amber Production, Plum Control; Oak worm or Oak leaf roller