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Address: 45 Columbia Road Branchburg, New Jersey 08876
Phone Number: 201-440-8585
Fax Number: 201-440-3985
Person of Contact: Jeanne Davis

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DCi is a trusted provider of high quality enterprise level Information Technology (IT) infrastructure solutions and services. DCi's mission is to profitably provide superior information technology solutions by delivering value-added products, service, and support of the highest quality to optimize customer satisfaction and loyalty.

DCi's core management and technical team have a 40-year track record of using Information technology to meet business needs. Unlike other companies that reinvent themselves with every new technology fad; DCi believes in values that promote meaningful and trustworthy long-term partnerships with our customers to better understand their business goals and objectives. We work with our customers to provide solid business focused technology solutions and services tailored to their business needs - reliably and effectively. DCi is first and foremost a customer oriented business solutions provider and secondly a technology company. You can rely on DCi to work together with you to help create and manage your optimal IT infrastructure.

DCi has built its reputation on quality and performance and we will continue to insure our customers receive maximum value for their investment. Our company has always focused on technical excellence and superior performance while meeting the challenges of competing technologies. We are dedicated to nurturing our relationship with our customers, including direct customers, value added resellers and distributors.
Our value proposition is committed to reducing your costs, improving your operations and service levels and most importantly in today's business climate - increasing your company's agility and lowering risk. DCi's experts build state of the market solutions based on and tailored to your business and budgetary requirements. Our goal is to create for your business the optimum IT infrastructure environment not only to meet today's business needs but to serve as the foundation to address tomorrow's business challenges as well.

Our best of breed suite of alliances, technologies, methodologies and services are the building blocks of an expanded business solution portfolio supported and deployed by DCi's professional staff. Our team is expert in using these established building blocks to create and manage the state of the market technology infrastructure environment needed to optimize your businesses IT investments and help your business thrive in today's market.