Eagleone Technology

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Address: 12011 Wallace LN Upper Marlboro, MD 20772
Phone Number: 202-718-7883
Person of Contact: Larry Swinton

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Case Studies Meriden Charter Public School web site Design Phase ETI created a design specification from the agreed upon requirements. This phase define the customer's business process and desired workflow. Detailed Design Document: The application, workflow policies, data elements, connectivity, security, functionality, external interface specifications, database design, integration, and communication protocol requirements defined in the Requirements Document All software modules included a depiction of each screen and functional processes. Design specifications was submitted separately to the customer for review and approval Navigation and easy to read Included a "breadcrumb"* navigation scheme. It not only shows users where they are currently located in the site's architecture, but it allow them to back up levels--one at a time Page Loading Speed Aim for a maximum 15 second load time per page on a 56k modem. Use CSS for text formatting. All images with be kept in one common image folder. By using a common image folder, you lessen the chances of having duplicates. It's not only a good tip to improve page load times, but it's part of good file base structure. All image file sizes will be under 41k. Appearance "School sites don't have to be boring!" Appeal to the values of our user community with images on each web page that will confirm with the Meridian Public Charter Schools are a progressive place in which to sustain or develop new business and/or employment opportunities. Utilizing imagery ideas that are either consistent with students and teachers help establish a positive view of themselves or which conveys a plausible aspiration model - something they would like to be and believe they could conceivably achieve. We used real images of Meridian Public Charter School as opposed to generic stock photography. We followed these basic, but useful guidelines: