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Address: 7406 Alban Station Court, B-210, Springfield, VA
Phone Number: 855-488-FMLA (3652)
Fax Number: 703-644-5384
Person of Contact: David Doda

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eFMLA, Inc. is a customer-centered organization established in 2009 to enable employers to fully and easily comply with the federal Family and Medical Leave Act. With over 20 years of direct experience in labor and employment law, human resource management, and FMLA administration, along with online database systems, analysis, maintenance and hosting, eFMLA will provide you paperless processing, online employee FMLA Leave Requests and tracking, FMLA forms database and legal advice, all available 24/7 to help you administer and comply with current FMLA guidelines for an employee's, a family member's or a servicemember's serious health issue.