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Address: 3651 E. Baseline Road, Suite E222 Gilbert, AZ 85234 (Corporate Office) 2030 N. Forbes Blvd, Suite 105 Tucson, AZ 85745
Phone Number: 1-888-558-1275
Fax Number: 480-558-1276
Person of Contact: Sonya Beck, Program Director of Educational Services

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Company Overview

Elite Educational Services, LLC (EES) provides educational services to children and adults. EES holds contracts with the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) and Nevada Department of Education (NDE), as well as holding contracts with individual school districts and educational facilities. EES is available to provide tutoring services in Arizona, California, and Nevada. EES was created as a sister company to Elite Community Services, LLC (ECS) in July 2012 by Susan Appenzeller and Dee Dee Lepper, who serve as Chief Operations Officer and Chief Executive Officer, respectively. Elite Community Services, LLC was established in June 2008.

Our mission at EES is to deliver educational services to individuals that enhance the quality and success for each unique person seeking to increase their knowledge, improve standardized test scores, and certifications.

EES supports our mission by recruiting staff to deliver services and support in a manner that exceeds the expectations of our students. Our innovative and quality programs are characterized by flexibility in our support service delivery. Our one on one and/or small group approach enables EES to focus on the specific support needs while strengthening the capabilities of each person using our services.

minor-latin;mso-ansi-language:EN">Core Skills and Services
EES has developed core skills in education and training services. As a result, EES is well qualified to offer services in tutoring and educational programs in the following areas:

minor-latin;mso-ansi-language:EN">Education: mso-ansi-language:EN"> EES offers several educational services for grade levels K through 12, as well as adults, these include supplemental educational services for before and after school tutoring programs, summer school programs, computer training services, AIMS preparation, Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) preparation, Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT), General Education Diploma (GED), college, university, and trade school tutoring.

EN">Areas of Expertise


EN">Designing and implementing educational programs designed to improve standardized test scores


EN">Providing one on one tutoring, small group tutoring, and workshops to meet the needs of clients

EN">Educating families regarding available resources

EN">Training individuals in computer skills in one on one or small group settings

EN">Developing community relationships and advocating for individuals with disabilities

mso-bidi-theme-font:minor-latin;mso-ansi-language:EN">Contracts and Experience
ADE - Supplemental Educational Services for K - 12 in content areas of Reading and Math

EN">ADE - AIMS Preparation Tutoring Program under State Tutoring Fund Grant

EN">NDE - Supplemental Educational Services for K - 12 in content areas of Reading and Math
EN">Arizona - Cartwright School District in Math Intervention

EN">Arizona - Phoenix Union High School District in content areas of Reading, Writing and Math

EN">Arizona - Santa Cruz Valley Union High School District in content area of Math

EN">Private tutoring in all content areas for K-12 and adults

Education and Experience
Arizona EES tutors hold valid Identity Verified Prints (IVP) Arizona Fingerprint Clearance Cards and are background checked through Arizona Child Protective Services Central Registry. Nevada EES tutors hold valid Nevada Fingerprint Clearance Cards and are background checked. EES tutors have valid teaching certificates with the State of Arizona or State of Nevada. EES tutors are e-verified prior to hire.

Our sister company, Elite Community Services, LLC has had tremendous success and growth in less than four years. ECS is a multimillion dollar company and is a member of Dun and Bradstreet with an overall rating of 80.

There are over 100 EES tutors in Arizona, with 100% of those holding Arizona teaching certificates. The Educational Services Department under sister company, Elite Community Services (ECS), showed a growth of 894% in less than four years. In the two years ECS has provided services under the Arizona SES contract, ECS grew 627% in parent choice. Each student we serve, whether it is one on one or in small groups has had effective results of improving at a minimum of 39% with their scores from the pre-assessment to the post-assessment testing. Overall for 2010-2011 school year, ECS students showed 89% improvement. Overall for 2011-2012 school year, ECS students showed 64% improvement. Education is an area we strongly believe in and we are dedicated to assisting those students who need that extra help to get them to the next level. mso-bidi-font-family:Calibri;mso-bidi-theme-font:minor-latin;mso-ansi-language: