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Address: 218 Midsummer Dr., Gaithersburg, MD 20878
Phone Number: 2404627940
Person of Contact: ximena Velasquez

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EnergyMDT Corporation
EnergyMDT Corporation

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Additional Information

We provide various programs for the schools (,

One such program is our HomeGrown Heroes ( where we teach students self-reliance.

Our HGH program assists children in gaining the skills, insight, and motivation to meet life's challenges of financial elitism, poverty, food insecurity, bullying at school and in the household, loneliness, depression, shame, and rage. Where needed there is a section for assisting with dealing with violent communities and gang dominance.

The program teaches proactive methods to safely resolve many of the dilemmas children face every day including, and up to suicidal ideation. Through our daily fun activities, the children have the opportunity to learn how to be a positive influence in their home, their school, and their community.

Additionally, the students get the chance to get paid for mentoring other students!