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Address: 36255 Michigan Avenue Wayne, MI 48184
Phone Number: (800) 592-5489
Fax Number: (800) 592-5329
Person of Contact: Nanette Myers

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Additional Information

EQ Lab Packing and Small Quantity Chemical Management is a time saving and cost effective way to dispose of unneeded, out-of-date or unknown chemicals safely and legally. All EQ field chemists are fully trained and certified and have the knowledge and experience to complete projects in a safe and cost effective manner. EQ is qualified and experienced to provide and comply with all requirements of this proposal.

Our services include:
  •  All necessary personnel, equipment and materials.
  • Segregation, packaging and labeling chemicals in accordance with all applicable regulations.
  • All necessary transportation documents.
  • Transportation of the material in licensed waste hauling vehicles.
  • All necessary approvals, waste disposal scheduling, and proper disposition of all waste streams per Best Demonstrated Available Technology (BDAT).
EQ can provide waste management for any waste* including organic peroxides, unknowns, PCB materials, monitors/electronic equipment, aerosol cans, compressed cylinders, Schedule II-V DEA Controlled Substances and Universal waste (i.e. batteries, light bulbs and mercury containing articles). 
EQ also offers a full range of high quality environmental services, including: Hazardous Waste Transportation, Treatment & Disposal; Industrial Cleaning & Maintenance; Recycling Services; Pharmaceutical Reverse Distribution; Remediation Services; Total Resource Management Programs; and Emergency Response Services. This unique combination of fixed-base facilities with extensive service capabilities allows EQ to manage waste from the point of generation through to final disposal or reuse. All environmental services can be managed by one organization - reducing costs and minimizing liability.