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Person of Contact: Dr. Brandon Doubek

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Evolution Alliance provides highly interactive, customized professional development differentiated by client needs with concrete, actionable steps for implementing innovative, high leverage strategies that increase equitable practices and provide measurable results.

CogKnow Metacognitive Standards Prioritizer is the first software to prioritize learning standards using sound quantitative and qualitative methodology.

Cogknow MSP is a revolutionary, new cloud-based system that empowers teachers, enhances and ensures collaboration, while it identifies important educational attributes at a local level. The combination of quantitative and qualitative methodology drives a truly unique product, systematically elevating school performance through a verified, authentic process.

Phase 1 - Creates collaborative opportunities for teachers to use a rating scale on 5 factors to prioritize essential standards for more effective use of time. Leaders can view completion rates for each grade level, content area team as they progress.
Phase 2 - Distributes standards into unit, weeky, and daily lesson plans while backmapping cognitive rigor throughout the year. Leaders can use the results with a walkthrough form that is simple and provides immediate feedback to teachers.
Phase 3 - Creates collaborative opportuniteis for teachers to imput formative, summative, and performance assessment data at the standards level making automatic SMART goal calculations for each group. A leadership monitoring protocol creates opportunities for administrators and coaches to view teacher team work throughout the year to provide feedback on coaching teams.

Additional professional development is available to accompany or in lieu of this software. While phases 1-3 are complete, Phase 4 (available in complete form by 2023) will contain evidence and research-based instructional strategies cross classified by Before-During-After instructional placement and also classified by contet area and grade level appropriateness. These will be attached to Phase 2 in daily lesson planning. Phase 5 (available in 2024) will contain various formative and summative assessments that measure the affective domain and metacognition of state standards.