Florida Floors SW dba FFSW Global

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Address: 795 Commerce Drive,Sarasota County
Phone Number: 9414218985
Person of Contact: Laurie M Finizio

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BCI thermal scanning technology, due to the recent covid outbreak. These kiosks ( 5 ft tall see Kiosk pic attached) will scan people as they enter your location for a potential fever.

Some other options this scanner has is facial recognition and can tell if people are wearing a mask and this scanner can be used as a time clock. You can use one or all of these options.

We would like an opportunity to bring and set up a scanner for 2 days, so you can use the product to get a better idea of how it works.

I would love to schedule a time we could come and speak to you regarding this scanner.

These scanners are easy to install and come in 3 different sizes. They are portable kiosks and can be moved no WIFI or computer is needed.

They allow the public to feel like they are in a safe, secure environment, along with the officers.

Attached please find more information on these scanners.

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