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Address: 4334 E. Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90023
Phone Number: 877.572.4725
Fax Number: NA
Person of Contact: Sam Monempour

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Full Circle Enterprises
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Full Circle Enterprises

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"Full Circle helps businesses stay healthy, so they can keep their facilities open and operating safely."

At Full Circle Enterprises, safety is paramount, which is why we take a 360-degree approach to protecting businesses, with products that address both indoor and outdoor environments.

Full Circle provides eco-friendly commercial cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting products and other facility maintenance solutions for any size business or enterprise. We offer products designed to help safeguard not only people but animals and even plants.

Further assisting companies with their well-being, Full Circle also offers a range of PPE supplies, which are needed by just about every business operating today, be it inside or outside.

Full Circle is the Master Global Distributor for 1st Place Science, a cutting-edge Hospital Grade Disinfectant, which is made in the USA in an EPA-certified facility. It has been trusted and used for years in the medical industry, by many government entities, and by some of the most recognized companies in the world!

As for protecting exterior business interests, Full Circle is also the global distributor for Gro-Aloe, an aloe vera-based agricultural bio-stimulate, plant supplement, and amendment, which repeal insects and helps nourish and protect the food we ingest, the wine we drink. Not to mention plants that provide healing benefits and promote personal well-being.

To apply the liquid solutions, Full Circle provides both handheld and backpack electrostatics sprayers. These amazing tools dramatically cut down on time and labor costs, while delivering superior spray coverage.

Aside from providing products that help and protect people and plants, Full Circle is also doing its part to make environments safer for animals, as it is one a few companies the sells Veterinary Disinfectant Cleaner. This FC formula builds on the same winning formula as our private label cleaner, but with four times the quaternary power, allowing it to kill the most resistant animal viruses and bacteria. These products use safer surfactants to reduce the environmental impact and reduce animal respiratory stress. Making it the right solution for everyday disinfection.

Our customers include businesses and local government agencies such as LA Animal Services, City of Los Angeles, Parks & Rec & LADWP, just to name a few.

We invite you to learn more about how Full Circle can help protect and grow your company. Stop looking for a solution, it's right here!

Call us for a free consultation: (877) 572.4725 or visit the website @ force.com