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Address: 742 Appleberry Drive, San Rafael, CA 94903-1206
Phone Number: 1-415-609-5816
Fax Number: n/a
Person of Contact: Joshua Archer

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Our Mission

The Game Academy creates and supports game-based education that empowers life-long learners to achieve academic, social, emotional and personal success.

We engage imaginations with interactive games wherein communication, creativity, collaboration and critical thinking are the keys to unlocking adventures in learning. Our curriculum is designed to help players make enduring connections between what they know, what they are learning, and what is possible.

Most importantly, our games are designed to be FUN!

The Game Academy provides an engaging and enriching way for children to play in a structured, creative environment. We craft inspiring, immersive game-experiences that translate into powerful tools of reflection for understanding the world and the self.

Our Vision

We at The Game Academy believe in the empowering and transformative effects of interactive Role-playing Games. Our vision is to bring this uniquely effective mode of education into the mainstream for learners and educators alike.

We develop Curricular Units that are Common Core aligned and adaptable to classroom and/or home-schooling environments. We offer After-School Enrichment Programs, which focus on the social and emotional development of our participants. We also offer our Summer Adventure Day Camps, which blend RPGs with project-based, hands-on learning in a stimulating and immersive setting.

Ultimately, we design interactive learning experiences that engage a diverse array of learning types, including "at-risk" or otherwise "disenfranchised" learners. Our games promote social, emotional and cognitive development while inspiring empathy, critical thinking and a collaborative spirit. From this enriched context for learning, we provide powerful learning experiences for players of all ages, backgrounds and interests.