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Address: PO Box 92 Nancy, KY 42544
Phone Number: (800) 426-4650
Person of Contact: Ashley Wiggers

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GeoMatters (Geography Matters, Inc) is a diverse, home-based corporation founded by Josh and Cindy Wiggers. We create, write, publish, and distribute books both in print and digital download versions. In addition we design and create maps in various sizes and formats--paper, laminated, reproducible book, printable cd rom and digital download. Most of the materials we publish are available for resale while all are offered on our website and at conventions to educators and families around the world.

We began in 1989 with a few geography items and two Mark-It Map titles. Since then we have added many more map titles written and published timeline materials, curricula, a US atlas, elementary readers, historical biographies, plus instructional books on cooking, art, and writing.

We continue to add more titles--both ones written by us and those by other authors. Our goal is to lend a hand to parents and teachers at "helping children develop a delight in learning." The products we produce and recommend are those which keep that focus in mind.