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Address: 2100 Central Ave., Suite 105 Boulder, Colorado 80301 USA
Phone Number: 303-468-9123
Fax Number: 303-277-1812
Person of Contact: Ifrain Rodriguez

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Tired of Selling Lollipops to Fundraise for your School Activity? provides fundraising alternatives that both reduce pollution and increase environmental awareness. We are a part of the GO3 Foundation, a non-profit (501c3) organization that supports science and environmental education through the Global Ozone Project or "GO3 Project".  So, if you are tired of sharing your profits with for-profit companies, now you can have a partner that gives it all back. If your band needs new instruments, your football team needs new uniforms or your French class needs to raise money to travel to Paris, you can now raise that money by doing a good thing for the planet, science and environmental education.