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Address: 4900 BELAIR ROAD BALTIMORE, MD 21206
Phone Number: 410-488-6600
Fax Number: 410-488-6601
Person of Contact: Oluchi N. Ukomadu, RN

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Additional Information

Health Focus, Inc. is a nursing assistant school which prepares its students to become certified nursing assistants and geriatric nursing assistant in the state of Maryland.
This mission of Health Focus, Inc. is to provide the information and skills that will enable nursing assistants to provide quality care for residents in nursing homes, as well as supplemental information and skills that will enable them to provide health care for clients at home assisted living facilities and patients in hospitals.

The nursing assistant training program involves 114.5 clock hours of training which includes: 48 clock hours of lecture/ theory, 42.5 clock hours of clinical experience, and 24 clock hours of lab/skill [a total of 4 weeks].