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Address: 3615 Superior Avenue, Suite 4403D Cleveland, OH 44114
Phone Number: 8008008661
Fax Number: 2167270290
Person of Contact: Jonathan Goldsmith

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We provide several ways that users can access targeted, evidence-based audios designed to improve health & mental health conditions - on smartphones, computers, apps, streaming pages & more. We work with the organization to choose the delivery method that works best for their audience.

Our principal solution is a private, secure, and branded streaming page with unlimited - 24/7 access. We build the webpage using the organization's logo, messaging and the audios they chose to best serve their people. A user would simply click the link to gain access to the webpage and press PLAY on the track they want to hear - all that is required is internet access.

Evaluations/assessments can be added to the webpage to learn more about the user, identify areas for improvement & evaluate health improvement. We provide data analytics which is automatically updated daily. An organization can quickly view landing page information including; sessions, page views, duration, new/returning users, and usage information by audio track & geographical area. These pages are priced on a yearly license structured by the number of titles chosen and organization size.

We also provide vouchers to our streaming app, where organizations can purchase any number of subscriptions at a discounted price and give them out to their students or employees. With a subscription, users get access to over 250 guided imagery & meditation audios used by schools and colleges nationwide to deal with common issues their students face such as anxiety, stress, insomnia, depression, and difficulty focusing.