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Basic Information

Address: 1231 Industrial , Suite #200 Hudson WI, 54016
Phone Number: 715.558.1372
Person of Contact: David Kisch or Liz Ohlsen

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Hedge Tactical Solutions
Hedge Tactical Solutions
Hedge Tactical Solutions
Hedge Tactical Solutions

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Additional Information

Hedge Tactical Solutions exists to provide intuitively designed security solutions and comprehensive response training for the purpose of saving lives when seconds matter- because we believe doing nothing is no longer an option.

We constantly seek to set the new standard in safety by offering the comprehensive training, knowledge, and tactics needed to survive emergency situations that occur in workplaces, homes, and communities across the nation.

Our team of Instructors dedicates their lives to heal, save, and serve all of us. They provide the Training, Knowledge, and Technology needed to survive emergency situations.

HTS Founder and CEO Kevin Grundstrom created an intuitive technology solution with input from police, military, and EMS experts which seals the communication gaps during active threat emergencies. The Active Alert Mobile App is the world's first real-time threat reporting system with live video feed integration and mass messaging communication features. The intuitively simple 3- button interface empowers users to respond to active threats, medical emergencies, and need assistance situations rapidly and effectively even in a panic state.