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Address: HYDRORIDER USA Coco Consulting &Trading, Inc. 11130 Griffing Blvd. Biscayne Park FL 33161 United States
Phone Number: 305 762 7557
Fax Number: 305 762 7557
Person of Contact: Millie Gutierrez

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Additional Information

Hydrorider is the answer to the increasing demand for activities in water.  Thanks to our innovative aquabikes and aquatreadmills all users can obtain great results in terms of weight loss, athletic training, wellness, rehabilitation and recreation.

Our company entered the fitness industry in the year 1995 designing and manufacturing home fitness equipment, and in December 2000 the Hydrorider brand and concept were created with a line of products for aquafitness aiming at quality, design, safety, durability and low maintenance.  Nowadays Hydrorider is recognized in the aquafitness industry as the leading company with two lines of products : the "Professional" and the "Easy Line".  All our equipments are made of marine stainless steel AISI 316L (rust proof), and are made in Italy.

Our mission is to innovate the aquafitness and wellness world, and set a trend by increasing the range of equipment and training methods for all age groups and special population, giving everybody the opportunity to keep fit and live in good health and wellness.

Some of the Hydrorider equipments advantages include the property of bouyancy, which in return provides stress free training for the joints and low back.  Results are less back and knee injuries, constant water massage, comfortable means to training even in the environment of an indoor aquatic facility and the pure excitement  of indoor group exercise.

We also supply training programs that are the link that connects the quality of our equipment to the satisfaction of the fitness and aquafitness fans.  Our master trainers create exercise programs and training classes for our clients in order to support them and grant the success of the activity.

Thanks to our distribution network worldwide Hydrorider is the fastest growing program in Europe!