Indoor Billboard WA

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Address: 2307 Inter Ave Puyallup, WA 98372
Phone Number: 253-735-8020
Fax Number: 253-735-6333
Person of Contact: Indoor Billboard - Brian Garrison

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Additional Information

- Create and launder custom logo mats to enhance your facilities appearance and company image.
- Launder specialty mats such as kitchen, anti-fatigue, as well as plain colored carpeted floor mats in standard and custom sizes.
- Provide rental laundry service for bar towels, kitchen towels, utility towels, and aprons. We are the only company that counts our towels and hand inspects each item for superior quality.
- Install and maintain in your facility a full line of hygiene products like touch free towel dispensing systems, jumbo and standard toilet tissue, foaming and lotion hand soap, hand sanitizers, and air fresheners systems while allowing delivery of the products that fit them through Sigma. We install and provide the dispensers for free as long as you purchase the products that fill them through your Sigma ordering system!
- Install and provide a full line of front and back of house cleaning solutions like 3 compartments sink systems and mop sink dilution systems. These will dramatically reduce your cost on cleaning products like glass cleaner, PH neutral floor cleaners, degreasers, and more.
- When you call us with a question or concern, you get a live person who wants to help you and a world class service team to back up any requests your locations might have.
- Our invoices are clear and concise and give you the ability to actually reconcile what you receive as well as monitor your rental product usage.
- We offer many options on service frequency that the national company's won't touch and ordering methods that can vary from location to location based on customer preference. In short, what you need, when you need it.
- Offer a yearly program review with a Customer Service Manager and location General Manager to discuss your overall satisfaction with our products and service!