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Address: 30 Abeel Road Monroe, NJ 08831
Phone Number: 888-949-9888
Fax Number: 609-409-7059
Person of Contact: Thomas Licker

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Infection Control Technologies
Infection Control Technologies

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Infection Control TechnologiesTM (A Division of Insurance Restoration Specialists, Inc.) has been working with the Health Care, Hospitality, Food Safety and Education Industries to help mitigate the spread of potentially harmful microorganisms and improve building hygiene through its phased approach that has caught a lot of attention as of late. The process is simple. ICT has removed the erroneous wet and wipe routine from many of the current methods of sanitizing and disinfecting surfaces. The unit is called BioSpray. The heart of the system is an Alcohol / Quaternary Ammonium solution propelled by Carbon Dioxide which renders it as a non-flammable. What is unique about this system is its ability to disinfect electronic components and other common touch points. The labor savings difference from common disinfection methods is almost 50%. The last application is a product called BioShield 75. BioShield 75 is a product that offers clients a way to apply a long lasting anti-microbial to protect common surfaces from becoming contaminated. It forms a positively charged physical barrier of microscopic spikes that kill microbes upon contact with the surface. It can last from 90 days to up to a year with one application. The parent company (IRS) often utilizes these products during sewage losses and mold remediation. The BioShield 75 can also be applied on uniforms, linens, and beds to mitigate the threat of cross-contamination. For more information on the product, please contact us at 888-949-9888 to schedule a free demo and consultation. Information on the products and services can be found at