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Address: 8722 Delcris Drive Montgomery Village Maryland, 20886
Phone Number: 2406438821
Person of Contact: Jackson Njiraini Gatume

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Jackson N. Gatume 8722 Delcris Drive Montgomery Village, MD 20886
Cell: 240 643 8821 Email: jacknjiraini@hotmail.com

Founder and Owner - JIME America, LLC - https://jimeamericallc.com/

Jackson Gatume - Experience, Skills, and Professional Profile

  • Active Secret Clearance by the Department of Defense (DOD)
  • Active Public Trust Clearance by the Department of Justice (DOJ / DEA)
  • Ten (10) years of experience working in the United States Intelligence Community (DOD and DOJ / DEA)
  • Experience in translating, interpreting, and transcribing from live or recorded video, audio and written and / or published material in Swahili and Kikuyu languages into modern professional American English
  • Foreign languages: Expert native proficiency and fluency in the translation, transcription, and interpretation of Swahili (Kiswahili), Kikuyu (Gikuyu) and Sheng languages and dialects into clear and concise professional American English, with a sound command of common idioms and expressions, including colloquial and slang phrases
  • Subject Matter Expert proficiency in intelligence industry foreign language linguistic research, exploration, source collection, monitoring, exploitation, assessment, analysis, and synthesis
  • Original native of Kenya, East Africa, and Subject Matter and Cultural Expert and Advisor in the culture, history, geopolitics, socioeconomic background, international relations, and media of the East African, Sub-Saharan, African Great Lakes regions
  • Localization expert of the East African and African Great Lakes regions
  • Extremely trustworthy for sensitivity in keeping company and private personal information entirely discreet
  • Academic-quality research skills. Exceptional writing, editing and proofreading skills
  • Experience integrating multiple data sources to produce analytics and reports
  • Outstanding performance in strong qualitative and quantitative problem - solving skills resulting in an excellent and proficient aptitude in translating complex problems into clear frameworks
  • Strong business interpersonal, oral, and written communication skills. Exceptional work ethics, professionalism, and total dedication to the mission on hand.

Defense Language Proficiency Test (DLPT) Maximum Attainable Score of 3.

Employment and Professional Experience

Acclaim Technical Services (ATS), Baltimore, MD August 2021 - May 2022
Swahili and Kikuyu Linguist / Intelligence Research Analyst

  • Monitored, listened to, and read both Swahili and Kikuyu and English communication. Performed immediate verbal summaries and coordinated intelligence with various law enforcement agencies. Prepared and exported prosecutorial material and content
  • Translated / Interpreted / Transcribed to render the written or spoken word of Swahili and Kikuyu languages into the written form of modern professional American English
  • Performed peer editing and proofreading functions and responsibilities.

Amentum, Chantilly, VA and Virtual July 2019 - January 2020
Swahili and Kikuyu Linguist / Intelligence Research Analyst

  • Edited and proofread the work of my fellow linguists and intelligence research analysts
  • Translated, summarized, and wrote reports of a wide variety of complex multi-media material from Swahili and Kikuyu languages into professional American English
  • Reviewed Swahili and Kikuyu languages open-source multi-media data and wrote / transcribed information into English with a high degree of accuracy and expression
  • Captured socio-cultural essentials embedded in multi-media source data, to include geopolitical, regional, religious, historic, and ethnic elements with mastery skill.

Acclaim Technical Services (ATS), Annapolis Junction, MD, Feb. 2013 - Sept. 2018
All Source Swahili and Kikuyu (Gikuyu) Linguist / Intelligence Research Analyst

  • Completed full or summary interpretation and translation of spoken and written Swahili and Kikuyu languages into modern professional American English
  • Shared language, linguistic research and analytical expertise with Government or Contractor personnel as needed or required
  • Transcribed spoken or written Swahili and Kikuyu languages into the written form of the foreign languages
  • Provided research, analytical and language, editing and proofreading assistance to junior personnel.
  • Worked with spoken or written material in Swahili and Kikuyu languages and summarized it in written form of professional American English language
  • Performed quality control review of translated and analyzed material as required.

Business Professional Interpreter / Translator Performance and Experience

  1. LanguageLine Solutions - Over the Phone Interpretation - November 2020 - Present
  1. Alboum Translation Services - Translation and interpretation of various content November 2021 - Present
  1. SOSI - Over the Phone Interpretation (OPI) and Video Recording Interpretation (VRI) for the Immigration Court - January 2022 - Present
  1. International Center for Languages, Inc. - Teaching May 2022 - Present
  1. Vanderbilt Law School Legal Clinic - Video Recording Interpretation (VRI) - September 2022 - Present
  1. Greene County Circuit Court, Springfield, Missouri - Interpreted through a Video Recording (VRI) for a minor guardianship case
  1. U.S. District Court, District of New Mexico - Interpreted Over The Phone (OPI) for a defendant's mother
  1. Craven County Schools District, North Carolina - Interpreted through a Video Recording (VRI) for the parent of a student
  1. Many and various retail clients - Retail interpretations and translations.

Professional Training - Southern California School of Interpreting (SCSI)

March 2022 - Trained and tested with the Southern California School of Interpreting (SCSI) for consecutive and simultaneous interpretation, and sight translation, passing with high marks.

Jackson Gatume Swahili - English test scores.

1) Sponsored by SoSi, I took an interpretation and sight translation examination with the SCSI (Southern California School of Interpretation) for both Swahili and Kikuyu. I scored 3+ in both languages as per below:

Hi Jackson,
You scored 3+, 3+out of 5 in the SCSI interpretation test, CONGRATULATIONS!

Congratulations again and look forward to sharing your continued success with you!

Simultaneous: 72.86%
Consecutive: 93.47%
Sight: 95.24%
TOTAL: 83.34%

Simultaneous: 72.71%
Consecutive: 94.49%
Sight: 96.19%
TOTAL: 83.77%

2) I volunteer for the National Language Corps (NLSC). They sent me for an English / Swahili DLPT test on December 22, 2021. My test score was 3 per the attached result testimonial, the best score DLPT awards.

3) In April 2020, I did English and Swahili language tests administered by Rosalyn AI through Valiant Integrated Services. Below were my results as provided to me by the Language Test Coordinator at Valiant Integrated Services:

"You have passed all your tests in English and Swahili with an ILR 3+ for all."

4) I did an English and Swahili language test for my AECOM position at ACA Language Services in Arlington, VA on May 28th, 2019. I achieved an ILR equivalent 3+ in that test.

"He tested at primary (ILR equivalent 3)."
5) I also did an English / Swahili reading, listening, speaking and comprehension test on October 23 and 24, 2018, which was administered to me by ALTA Language Services through Acclaim Technical Services (ATA) for a DEA position for which they were processing me. Below were your scores for that test:

Jackson Gatume English - Swahili - English Teaching Experience
I have teaching experience from when I taught Kiswahili to my colleagues who were the international staff in Nairobi where I worked in an international diplomatic mission. I taught in-house classes of staff who came from other foreign countries to work in the African Union owned African Reinsurance Corporation in their Regional Office in Nairobi, Kenya. They were my adult colleagues, their spouses, children, and foreign friends. It was approximately 20 hours per week with about ten (10) learners at any given time. This was an ongoing activity spanning over about ten (10) years. They all needed to learn Swahili, which is the official and national language, and the standard medium of communication in Kenya, to be able to communicate with the local population as they interacted with them while going about their normal daily business.
JIME America, LLC - https://jimeamericallc.com/
Professional Associations and Organizations
American Translators' Association (ATA) Member
Association of Language Companies (ALC) Member
National Language Service Corps (NLSC) Member
Translators Without Borders (TWC) Member