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Address: 825 Meeting St Ste 202, West Columbia, SC 29169
Phone Number: 803-590-0370
Person of Contact: Kendria Clark

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Additional Information

Kingsley LLC is a family-owned, fully licensed, certified, and insured water damage restoration and remediation company based in Columbia. We use the latest, most advanced restoration protocol and the newest technology available in our industry. We are BBB A+ accredited, have an A rating with Angie's List, and have over 100 five-star reviews on Google from our satisfied clients. We're a local Thumbtack Top Pro Award winner three years in a row.

When you hire us, you deal directly with me, the owner, Michael Kingsley. We specialize in keeping your family safe by focusing on water damage cleanup, water restoration repair, and mold remediation.


We work for you - not the insurance company. We're not on any insurance-preferred vendor lists. We're growing our business by offering quality over quantity.

Verified State Licensed, Certified, and Insured

South Carolina doesn't require workmen's coverage for small businesses; this leaves you on the hook if a contractor gets hurt on your property. Although unnecessary, for your protection, we carry workmen's coverage insurance among many others. Also, be aware that general liability doesn't cover mold. When asking for a quote, we recommend asking for proof of pollution (mold) liability and workmen's coverage, along with general liability. If our estimate is higher, either the other company missed something or lacks insurance.

Affordable Rates

We use the same estimating software as insurance companies. All pricing is pre-determined. We enter the square footage of the area that requires work and the software calculates the price; this reduces the need to negotiate with insurance companies.


We don't use scare tactics to win jobs. We'll be one of the few companies that tell you mold testing isn't foolproof. We'd also like everyone to know that dead or inactive mold is as dangerous as live mold. It isn't like asbestos where if you don't disturb it's safe to leave in place. The goal of remediation is to remove the mold not kill it.

Most of the time mold testing is unnecessary. The CDC and other governmental agencies do not recommend mold testing. They recommend having mold removed as soon as you see it - don't let a shady contractor trick you into services you don't need.

A word of caution, neither the federal government nor the state of South Carolina regulates mold. Any company can obtain a mold certification online and call themselves experts. Be cautious and ask questions. Ultimately, you'll have to decide if the contractor is qualified to take on your project.