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Address: 15511 Carmenita Road Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670
Phone Number: 5626233000
Person of Contact: Mireya Medina

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McMurray Stern
McMurray Stern
McMurray Stern
McMurray Stern

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Our mobile storage systems and library shelving solutions make it possible to do more with existing space. Whether it's print, digital or re-purposing, our library storage solutions provide a variety of options to maximize space while providing the best storage solutions.
Security Detection Systems
Protect your materials while making your library accessible for all. Offering the most accommodating aisle entrance for libraries, the RFID gate premium is perfect for wheelchairs, wide strollers, and large groups of students. With a modern and stylish clear panel design, our RFID gate premium effectively deters theft of valuable library materials while elegantly enhancing the library aesthetic.

An equipment room is much more than a storage space. It's a recruiting tool and a way to protect your investment in equipment. We'll work with your team to design a system that makes the most of your space, allows you to retrieve equipment, helmets, uniforms, repair parts and tools quickly, and serves as a source of pride for your program.

Active Shooter Safety
The Mobile Guard® ballistic systems are an immediate shelter solution in case of an active shooter. Intended for use in classrooms, cafeterias, and anywhere people are gathered. The Mobile Guard® active shooter ballistic white board makes the best use of a practical tool already in the classroom.

COVID-19 Solutions
UVC Germicidal Solutions: UV light has been used to kill viruses and bacteria for over 100 years. These products can be used to disinfect rooms and equipment in any area of your school where harmful pathogens may be present. Ideal for vehicle interiors including buses, chairs, doorknobs, counter-tops, equipment, electronics, keyboards, desktops, locker rooms, restrooms, sinks, and other high touch areas.

StripSensor-Non-contact rapid mass screening system: Our StripSensor is simply plug and play. This seamless non-invasive technology is quick and detects a person's thermal body temperature as soon as they pass by it-detecting 300 people per minute. This continuous, instantaneous detection allows people to continue about their everyday life normally without having to stop and stand in front of the camera to be detected.

Thermal Camera Systems: This is high-sensitivity dual-thermal camera coupled with intelligent identification and tracking of feverish people. The built-in sophisticated algorithm identifies and captures images of subjects with fever and issues real-time audible alerts upon detection.