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Address: 86 Finnell Drive Unit 6 Weymouth, MA 02188
Phone Number: 781-335-1220
Fax Number: 781-335-1499
Person of Contact: Lisa Bacewicz CEO

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PC Survivors of Massachusetts, LLC
PC Survivors of Massachusetts, LLC
PC Survivors of Massachusetts, LLC

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Additional Information

PC Survivors of Massachusetts, LLC is a Women-Owned, Responsible Recycling (R2) Certified Company that specializes in providing compliant electronics recycling and secure data destruction services to the New England Region. The R2 Certification Standard has been endorsed by the Federal Environmental Protection Agency ("EPA") as the operational benchmark for companies engaged in the business of recycling. In order to obtain this Certification, PC Survivors successfully completed an independent third party audit of over 50 areas of operational and environmental performance, and have agreed to both annual audits and un-announced audits to ensure ongoing conformity with the R2 Operational Standards. Companies that choose to align themselves to an R2 Certified Recycling and Data Destruction service provider can be assured that the items that come within their custody and control will be securely destroyed and responsibly recycled. The goal if PC Survivors of Massachusetts operation is to have a positive impact on the environment through responsible recycling practices that includes the conservation of metals, plastic and other non-renewable resources. Consistent with these core operations, it is PC Survivor of Massachusetts' overall goal to accomplish our business objectives while meeting and exceeding the environmental and health & safely expectation of our management, employees, suppliers and regulators. We continually monitor our processes and systems in an effort to improve and to minimize any adverse impact on the environment by managing used and end of life electronic equipment. Below are a few examples of how R2 Practices address these top corporate concerns that impact the decision making when choosing the right IT asset disposal provider: Data Security: • R2 Certified Recyclers are required to sanitize, purge or destroy data on all hard drives and data storage devices; • Data Destruction Processes are reviewed and validated periodically by an independent third party auditor; • All R2 Certified Recyclers are required to implement a security program that is appropriate for the equipment they process and the customers they serve. Environmental Practices: • R2 Standards define focus materials, or materials that can pose environmental concern, and outlines how these materials should be managed to ensure environmental and workplace safety; • R2 Certified Recyclers requires downstream due diligence on all vendors handling focus materials to ensure that materials are handled properly throughout the chain of custody; • R2 Standards prohibits the export of equipment and components containing focus materials to developing countries unless the transaction is legal under both export and import countries' laws and the receiving facility is state of the art. Proper E-Waste Disposal: • R2 Certified electronics recyclers maintain necessary permits, licenses and insurance as required by state and federal regulations; • R2 Certified Recyclers are required to send materials only to licensed and properly permitted facilities; • R2 Practices requires rigorous shipping and material tracking be implemented and monitored in an on-going basis.