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Address: 12 N. Charlotte St. Mulliken, MI 48861
Phone Number: 1-877-609-2243
Fax Number: 1-517-649-2284
Person of Contact: Dell Hunt

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We proudly manufacture environmentally responsible and sustainable products that provide durable alternatives to other materials that contribute to the destruction of our environment and deplete our limited natural resources. Polly Products uses only 100% post-consumer recycled plastic in our products. This means that every bench, table or receptacle purchased has literally prevented all of that plastic trash from entering a landfill, where it has an estimated life expectancy of 500 years before decomposing. We make "Green Products for a Green World".

We aren't 'partially recycled' products; every item we make is composed of 100% recycled plastic with UV inhibitors, color and a mineral molding enhancer. Period. These facts also make our products 100% recyclable, which cannot be said for products made of partially recycled plastic with added wood, composite and fiberglass fillers.

View our new products and full line of recycled plastic tables, benches, trash and recycling receptacles, bike racks and site amenities. All are virtually maintenance-free, graffiti resistant, impervious to moisture, insects, rot, and corrosive chemicals, and never require storage in any climate! Stainless steel fasteners and top quality craftsmanship have made Polly Products preferred around the world, and the chosen manufacturer of the original Buddy Bench!