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Phone Number: 516-847-2230
Person of Contact: David Bennett

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Foundational financial literacy training aimed at practical applications in the life of a late high schooler through to advanced degree student. The information that you WISH someone had taught you in school. Applicable both as content for students and as an employee benefit.

Can do in-person seminars and webinars, but all content is also available through self-paced online videos and interaction.

Adulting 101 Series - Skills that are EXPECTED in the working world that we just don't get taught in school. Success in employment is the first step to financial control. (30 min ea)

Classes: The Value of Money, Time Management, Communication, and First Impressions

Things I Wish The Taught Me in School Series - Foundational knowledge about the terms and concepts of the financial industry and how they directly affect your life. Tips, techniques, and suggestions for getting on the path to financial success. (45 min ea)
Classes: Managing Your Cash Flow, Interest and Credit, Tricking Yourself into Saving More and Spending Less, Investments Primer, Personal Taxes Primer, Account Types

Directed classes receive significant discounts over optional benefits and offerings.