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Address: 9700 Village Circle, Suite 100, Lakeland, TN 38002
Phone Number: 901-332-5533
Fax Number: 901-332-5534
Person of Contact: Ruffin Flowers

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Additional Information

Some design firms are known for their technical expertise, others for their creativity. It’s the mastery of both, which distinguishes Renaissance Group. In fact, since first founding, the firm has demonstrated excellence throughout the full  range of  architectural and engineering arts and  sciences. From planning and design to  project  management, we are judged by our clients as visionary, creative,   technically astute and sticklers for detail, accuracy, and efficiency.

In addition to a professional staff with innate talent and experience, Renaissance Group has a suite of modern 3-D capabilities. By integrating our virtual design and production tools, we are able to provide a state-of-the-art Building Information Modeling (BIM) package. Constructing the project virtually before the foundation is laid  allows for cost effectiveness on construction solutions before problems arise.

In the end,  we challenge ourselves to take the role of architect  to the next level. In return,  we want to challenge people to ask this question:

Is your architect going to improve your business operations?

This is an important question that many  companies tend to overlook. This very question is our focus at Renaissance. By developing the Renaissance Equation, we created a unique way to provide personalized services that blend design and business sensibilities, as well as, create teaming and revenue opportunities.