Rubina Halwani LLC

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Address: Salt Lake City Utah
Phone Number: 8015801497
Person of Contact: Rubina Halwani

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Rubina Halwani LLC

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Additional Information

Gateway to Islam is an interactive learning journey for students to explore basic tenets of the Islamic faith. This lesson was developed for 6th-grade students in alignment with Utah Education Network Standards for Social Studies.

During this 1/2 day program, students view multiple stations with artifacts from the Islamic world and complete learning activities to gain a new perspective from a different culture, belief, and value system. Students walk away with a better understanding of global issues and their responsibility as citizens of the world.

At the end of this experience, students become Certified Peace Ambassadors, pledging goodwill and fellowship.

I am a former English Teacher turned trainer. I develop learning programs that align with state standards and increase global perspectives. I am based in SLC. Utah but can travel to neighboring states in the Rocky Mountain West, West Coast, and DC area (former home). I am adept at presenting online as well, over multiple applications. I can curate lesson plans for students and faculty. Do visit my website for updates and new programs.