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Say it Straight Training
Say it Straight Training
Say it Straight Training
Say it Straight Training

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Say It Say It Straight TrainingTM
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Say It Straight Experiential Communication-Behavior Learning and Materials for students,
adults, people in treatment, organizations and corporations
Say It Straighttm (SIS) is a research-based education and training program that results in empowering communication skills and behaviors, increased self-awareness, self-efficacy, personal and social responsibility, positive relationships and quality of life; and decreased alienation, risky or destructive behaviors, such as alcohol, tobacco and other drug abuse, eating disorders, bullying, violence, precocious sexual behavior and behaviors leading to HIV/AIDS.
SIS is based in social learning and positive psychology, emphasizing values such as resiliency, courage, compassion, integrity and recognition of the strength within ourselves and in our roots. The change process begins with the recognition of one's own strength and wisdom that leads to the transformation of disempowering behaviors (people pleasing, placating; bullying, blaming; being two faced, passive-aggressive, vindictive; playing smart, being super-reasonable; being irrelevant, being disruptive, changing the subject) into empowering behaviors and awareness of one's own deepest wishes to honor ourselves, honor others and honor our issues.
Participants create teams within which they explore sameness, diversity, uniqueness and sameness with someone they are in conflict with. Participants explore empowering and disempowering communication/behavior by placing their bodies in postures (called "body sculptures") that intensify and make overt their internal experiences that arise from empowering and disempowering behaviors.
Participants create "movies" portraying difficult interpersonal situations that are important in their lives, such as saying "yes" even when their deepest wish is to say "no," inability to give a friend support for positive change, alcohol or drug abuse, drinking or speeding and driving, bullying, cheating, stealing, vandalism, or sexual behavior. The participants are asked to be in touch with their own feelings as the play a part in a movie. Every movie is first played using disempowering communication-behavior and is then replayed using empowering communication-behavior. By creating movies, they are co-creating their training and they discover the effects their different communication-behaviors have on themselves and others. The movies can be videotaped to give participants the opportunity to observe themselves. The participants discover they can be strong without blaming, bullying or putting others down and they can be kind without being weak.
A multigenerational sculpture allows participants to discover the strength in their roots and helps them transform shame and blame into personal and social responsibility. With older students and adults in a multigenerational sculpture also is used to explore rules that were passed down the generations that can lead to disempowering behavior and need to be transformed. Participants learn how to transform disempowering rules into gentle guidelines and empowering behavior.

The experiential training is complemented with a cognitive component using a workbook/journal for participants to write their discoveries in the training and share in the group. Using feedback, journaling, and small- and large-group sharing, helps participants reflect on their experiences, learn to listen to their own inner voice and deepest wishes for wellness, positive relationships and implement what they have learned in real-life situations.
Say It Straight: Excellence in Prevention
Oregon Mental Health Services used information from NREPP and other sources to write descriptions of prevention programs with the greatest evidence of success. Say It Straight is a program that was described. You can download a copy of this by clicking here.