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Address: 469 S Cherry Street, Suite 101 Glendale, Colorado 80246
Phone Number: 303-963-5554
Fax Number: 303-963-5754
Person of Contact: Kelly Kirwan

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We are a full service drug and alcohol testing and educational organization. Our mission is to deter drug and alcohol abuse and maintain a safe, healthy environment for achieving goals and dreams.

Who we are.

We are a team dedicated to helping parents and children understand the impact of drug and alcohol use. We have been testing over 7 years in the Denver metroplex with offices in Glendale and Denver. We have remained on the forefront of challenges around marijuana legalization, working with industry organizations and policy. We believe education and communication are the best alternatives to combating drug and alcohol misuse.


Drug Testing
Alcohol Testing
Secure Testing Portal for Population Management & Review
Data for review of trends
Random Test Generation
DOT Bus Driver testing and Consortium (Test Pool) Management
DOT Driver Qualification File Management
Drug and Alcohol Education - onsite
Drug Test Kits


We are flexible in testing needs by offering all types of testing methodologies like urine, hair, saliva for Point of Care and Lab Based test at our labs or your location.
Our Breath Alcohol Devices are approved for Department of Transportation mandated testing.
We, along with exceptional partners, can help deliver the message to students and parents about the risks and events happening around us in the world of drug and alcohol misuse.

We can help formalize a random testing plan, or mandatory testing plan for school activities.


Our goal is to help students and parents remain safe and healthy. We offer parents an option to opt in to have their students in a random testing pool. This allows a reason for students to stand up to peer pressure and provides education to parents. Based on the occurence(s), a mitigation plan can be put in place for those testing positive. This is similar to the mainstream workforce and Department of Transportation safety sensitive employees. Mitigation plans may include education and follow up testing in agreement with the parties concerned.

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