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Address: PO box 1938 Frederick, MD 21702
Phone Number: 3016052145
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Person of Contact: Paul Pinther

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SEF Technology (Special Event Flooring & Tents)
SEF Technology (Special Event Flooring & Tents)
SEF Technology (Special Event Flooring & Tents)
SEF Technology (Special Event Flooring & Tents)

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About Special Event Flooring Technology, LLC

Special Event Flooring Technology (SEF Technology) is a full service event flooring rental and installation company helping individuals and organizations across the nation turn any raw space into the exquisite venue of their dreams.

With over 25 years of experience and a background spanning installation and operations management, the SEF Technology team is able to provide expertise on the most cost effective production solutions for small, private parties to large scale gatherings.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and the positive environmental impact we create.

Graduation Flooring Rental

Temporary flooring can transform any venue for a picture-perfect graduation ceremony. Whether your school will be hosting graduation festivities indoors or outdoors, SEF Technology has stylish flooring rentals to suit the occasion. Our graduation flooring will protect the grounds, offer a stable floor for chairs and walkways, and look great on camera!

Call 301-684-7018 or use our quick contact form for a free estimate for graduation flooring. Our event planning experts will be glad to work with your planning committee to ensure a smooth process, affordable rates, and a swift installation.

Indoor and Outdoor Flooring for Graduation Ceremonies and Parties

SEF Technology has your solution for graduation flooring rentals no matter the size or location of your ceremony. Private high schools, large universities, and all kinds of institutions can work with our team to design custom solutions for graduation flooring.

Let us help take care of every aspect of temporary flooring rental:

  • Ground protection to avoid damage to grass, turf, or arena floors
  • Outdoor event flooring and tent flooring to support chairs and tables, and to provide comfort for guests in any kind of footwear
  • Carpet flooring for stylish walkways
  • Scaffold flooring to create a special graduation stage
  • Dance floors for banquets, evening ceremonies, and graduation parties

Tons of Options Graduation Flooring

We can turn any venue into a unique and memorable setting for a graduation ceremony. SEF Technology has a wide inventory of ground covers and turf protection mats that hide the existing floor and keep it safe from damage.

To top it all off, we have all kinds of temporary graduation flooring ranging from composite mats to carpet tiles to real hardwood!

Our options for event flooring include:

Graduation Flooring Rental with Professional Installation

Let us know what you really want for your graduation, and SEF Technology can make it happen! Whether you simply need a field cover to support chairs and foot traffic, or you want a carpeted walkway and scaffolded concert stage, we have the resources.

The flooring installation team from SEF Technology will go above and beyond to ensure that your graduation flooring is sturdy, secure, and ready to go on graduation day. Students and faculties will enjoy the occasion in style without having to worry about grass stains or tripping hazards.

SEF Technology also knows how to handle tight schedules and difficult logistics. We install graduation flooring in a matter of hours or less. We know that managing an important event can be stressful, and our team does everything we can to make things easy for you.

Concert Flooring

Unless you're trying to recreate Woodstock, you probably do not want your concert venue turning into a sea of mud. Even an indoor location such as a basketball arena should have concert flooring in place to protect the venue. SEF Technology has a full lineup of temporary concert flooring rentals and a talented installation team to put it all together in a matter of hours.

Contact us here or call 301-684-7018 to get a free estimate for concert flooring today.

Benefits of Temporary Flooring for Concerts

Our portable concert flooring rentals are the solution for stadium managers, music promoters, and live touring companies who want a safe, comfortable environment for concerts and outdoor music festivals. We have rollable flooring, interlocking mats, and other event flooring solutions that bring benefits such as:

  • Protect turf fields from damage
  • Allow grass to breathe with permeable flooring
  • Reduce the risk of rainouts or inclement weather problems
  • Make the venue safe for dancing, comfortable for flip flops or high heels
  • Create solid, sturdy ground for delivery trucks and event equipment

Concert Flooring Rental Options

SEF Technology has worked with event teams nationwide to provide concert flooring for professional stadiums, public parks, and other indoor and outdoor venues.

We carry a large inventory of the concert flooring rental products that are trusted throughout the industry for hosting major concerts at venues such as collegiate stadiums, football fields, or even the National Mall in Washington, DC.

Depending on your venue, the type of event, your budget, the weather forecast, and other factors, SEF Technology will recommend the best option for temporary concert flooring. We have you covered with event flooring rentals such as:

Let Us Set the Stage with Professional Concert Flooring!

We're not just another event flooring vendor. SEF Technology has the expert designers and installers you need to simplify the process of concert flooring rental. We work with you on aesthetics, logistics, and a swift install and removal.

SEF Technology is based out of the Baltimore and Washington, DC area, enabling us to serve event planners and concert promoters throughout the East Coast. Check out our projects to see examples of the concert flooring and stages our team has built!

Your concert flooring will be installed by full-time, certified professionals. We have the process down to a science, so we can quickly convert a stadium or outdoor venue into a fully professional-quality music venue with the perfect temporary concert flooring--and have removal taken care of right on schedule, too.

Outdoor Festival Temporary Flooring

Planning an outdoor festival involves lots of moving parts. Temporary flooring sets the foundation for success. Festival flooring and temporary walkways make it easy for guests to find their way and provide stable ground for equipment and booths, among many other benefits. Special Event Flooring Technology can deliver the solutions you need for outdoor festival temporary flooring. We supply a wide range of options including turf protection mats, wood flooring, ground protection mats, carpets, and concert staging. We've provided flooring to events all over the country, from music festivals in Cleveland to food festivals in Fort Lauderdale.

Every Outdoor Festival Needs Event Flooring

Whether you're hosting a food and art festival on downtown streets or throwing a weekend music festival on an open field, you can use temporary flooring to bring your layout to life. SEF Technology has event flooring for festival applications such as:

No matter where your event is hosted, be it Austin, Charleston, or Memphis, we have an outdoor flooring solution for you. Contact us today to learn more about event flooring options.

Renting Temporary Flooring for Outdoor Festivals

It's highly important that you rent your event flooring from a rental company that has experience installing outdoor flooring for festivals. Delays or hiccups with flooring can create a domino effect that makes it hard to set up the rest of your festival on schedule.

You also need to make sure that your festival flooring will perform as expected when the big day arrives. For instance, we have options for turf protection that allow the grass to breathe so it isn't brown after the festival ends. If you'll have heavy equipment like large sound speakers or vendor booths, you'll need event flooring that can hold tons of weight and torque.

Tell us about the size and layout of your festival grounds, and SEF Technology can provide expert recommendations for the amount and types of outdoor event flooring you'll need. Contact us to get started!

Hosting a festival? Whether your event is in Orlando or New York City, protect your event space with flooring rental from SEF Technology. Call us at 301-684-7018 for a free estimate.

Why Choose SEF Technology for Outdoor Festival Temporary Flooring?

SEF Technology has been trusted by organizations such as the PGA and LPGA, the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, the Art Basel fair in Miami, and even offers National Mall approved temporary flooring. We can help you turn any location into a world-class festival with temporary flooring as the perfect foundation.

Our associates excel at logistics and design for event flooring. We operate as an extension of your team. Our festival flooring installers work swiftly to meet your schedule, and we'll be in close communication with you through post-event cleanup.

Get an Estimate for Outdoor Festival Flooring

We provide free estimates for temporary flooring for outdoor festivals and other major events. We've provided event flooring across the US, from Cleveland to Fort Lauderdale, and everywhere in between.