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Basic Information

Address: 223 Dateleaf avenue Captiol Heights, Maryland 20743
Phone Number: 240-544-8059
Person of Contact: Dominique Jackson

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Who is handling your cleaning needs?

Allow Simply's Services LLC to handle your cleaning needs, while you are closing or opening your establishment? Plus, you can have your huddle with your team! Allow my team to service your cleaning needs!


  1. To be a great assistant to your cleaning needs for your business.
  2. Building new partnerships with business owners in our community.
  3. Please our client with a sparkle of cleanliness!
  4. Allow Simply's Services to schedule a meeting with your manager to discuss your cleaning needs.


What Simply's Services LLC can offer your commercial site!

●Bathroom Cleaning (including refill the toiletries), Mopping, sweeping, trash removal and cleaning glass areas.

●Trash Removal throughout the entire faculty. Trash will be dumped at the outside dumper.

●Cleaning glass doors at the front door area.

●Vacuuming carpet areas (if any)

●Mopping all bare floors throughout the faculty

●Dusting shelves if any.

●Disinfecting all counter tops areas.

**This is a brief description of the scope of work! We can offer more services that match your cleaning needs and build a strong partnership**


I.Where Simply's Services LLC first started our journey back in 2018.

Simply's started with one cleaner from TaskRabbit as a solo cleaner, cleaning residential clients within the Washington Dc metro area. I had one special client that told me I had a gift for cleaning and providing excellent customer service to the community. This client showed me how to get my solo name and turn my gift into a full-service business. Over the years, Simply's kept serving residential clients and gained serving a lot of clients. To the point where Simply's needed to hire two cleaners in addition to myself working into the business. Moving forward, 2021 Simply's began to explore the commercial side of cleaning services. I began to research and connect with companies and subcontractors to learn more about commercial cleaning services. My legacy gained experience and Simply's began to nail three contracts without the middle person. Now Simply's Services is looking to keep expanding business.

II.Current Clients Simply's Services

  • Property Managers
  • Short Term Rental aka Airbnb/ Vrbo Host
  • Realtors\Brokers\Investors with Washington DC metro area & Baltimore Metro area
  • Commercial Clients- Retail Stores, medical offices, law offices, office cleaning, etc.

What is Simply's Services Price

** For our Commercial Clients, please refer to the next attachment of our scope of work of our service. The attachment is named "Simply's Services Scope of Work". We can always modified the scope of work to match your expectations.

Simply's Services LLC does have workers compensation insurance, general liability insurance, bonded. Fully Experienced! Listed Below is our contact information again for your records.

Simply's Services LLC owner Ms. Dominique Jackson
Check us out via Facebook & Instagram @simplysservices
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