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Address: 3690 70th Ave N Pinellas Park, FL 33781 USA
Phone Number: 7275479799 x1799
Person of Contact: Michael Crews

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Who We Are – solar4STEM™
Solar4STEM is a commercial brand from Custom Manufacturing & Engineering, Inc. We are a certified women’s owned, small business that provides electrical/electronic manufacturing and engineering for over 22 years.


STEM Made Fun & Easy
- Serving the US, Mexico, and Canada -
Created for ages 8+ renewable energy instruction and STEM programs. You will find that our kits inspire STEM and sustainable energy learning in your students. Our educational kits are ideal for classrooms, libraries, science centers, and museums.
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Take the Class Outside
Make class fun with our interactive kits, that allow students to record measurements, and gain a hands-on understanding of renewable power. Each of our kits come with a solar panel so you can take your class outside to learn about solar energy and sustainability.
✔️EASY SETUP – in less than 1 minute!
✔️SOLAR GENERATOR – Venture outdoors and share the wonder of solar energy with the entire class!

Easy for The Instructor
Our manual was designed with the instructor and student in mind:

  • Video Tutorials on YouTube
  • Print-out Friendly, Colorful Experiment Sheets with Fun Facts
  • Clear Instructions with Detailed Steps and Pictures

Teach Sustainability
All of our kits have a solar energy element to promote sustainability to our youth for a cleaner and better tomorrow. Help lead the change to a more sustainable future by teaching about clean energy.
✔️INSPIRE THE NEXT GENERATION – Give your students a bright future STEM and sustainable energy are bright futures for your students!

Don't Just Take It From Us
"They're hands-on, our kids love them, and best of all they're able to see the real-world application."                                               - Lukas Hefty, Douglas L. Jamerson Elementary School
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“I feel very strongly that this kit provides students the opportunity to think outside the box and experiment even further to see if they can create electricity in other ways.”
- Patty Viscomi, Mother
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“The students were very receptive to the trainer. I, as an instructor, am very pleased with the solar4Stem 50.”                                     - John Friedhof, Sumter Correctional Institution
The solar4STEM Family
Electricity Education Kit
✔️REALISTIC COMPONENTS – Give your students experience with components similar to tools that engineers would use, unlike snap-on parts that don’t give you a true feel for typical circuit parts
✔️3 KITS IN 1 – Solar energy, magnetism, and electricity experiments
✔️ENDLESS CREATIVITY – Infinite circuit board solutions possible, challenge your students to find a different solution than the one written in the manual!
solar4STEM 50
✔️HANDS-ON EXPERIMENTS – Indoor and outdoor use of solar panel & generator
✔️POWER WHEN YOU NEED IT – Simultaneously charges while running experiments
✔️BUILD SOCIAL SKILLS – Perfect for groups of 2-5 students!
solar4STEM 200
✔️HANDS-ON EXPERIMENTS – Outdoor use with full solar panel array & generator
✔️POWER WHEN YOU NEED IT – Simultaneously charges while running experiments
✔️BUILD SOCIAL SKILLS – Perfect for classroom demonstrations and group work!