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Address: 2 Peter Cooper Rd APT 6H. New York, NY, 10010-6730
Phone Number: 9178162353
Person of Contact: Alice Chun

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Solar STEAM curriculum supplement
includes lecture, lab workshop and solar circuit training, solar circuit and tutorial for 5th and 6 th graders.


  1. Environmental ethics and the role of sustainability in the practice of product design and environmental design.
  2. Basic understanding of Origami as a process for understanding structure, form, methodology, science and art.
  3. Basic understanding of what Photo-Voltaics are (Solar Panels)
  4. Basic understanding of circuit and energy flow
  5. Fundamental understanding of the power of the sun and how Solar has impacted lives throughout the globe. This will integrate Solar Portraits a National Geographic team with Katherine
  6. A global perspective and approach to thinking and problem solving (viewing design with awareness and respect for cultural and social differences of people; understanding issues that affect the sustainability of the planet; understanding the implications of conducting the practice of understanding the relationship between design and impacting climate change.
  7. Understanding sustainability as conservation, a natural ecosystem combining historical and tangible practice.
  8. Novice understanding of design process and the role of Solar energy in sustainable design. Understand the interdisciplinary and multifaceted nature of the sustainability effort.