Unapparencies & Intra-Racial Insight Sensitivity Education, LLC (U&I-RISE)

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Basic Information

Address: St. Louis, MO 63147
Phone Number: 13144881143
Person of Contact: Bolanle Ambonisye (Bo Lahn Lay)

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Unapparencies & Intra-Racial Insight Sensitivity Education, LLC (U&I-RISE)

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Additional Information

U&I-RISE offers 2 programs for pre-K thru 8th grade learning institutions: Healthy School-Home Connection and Tapping Our Parental Power.

  1. Healthy School-Home Connection (HSHC) is a staff training and parent orientation that improves urban students' reading and math scores by strengthening the School-Home relationship. HSHC accomplishes this by fostering Understanding and Solidarity among parents and teachers. The newly-created foundation of mutual support and shared accountability enables adult stakeholders to adopt a "same team" mentality, and organically generates both personal and shared commitment among adults to consistently provide the environment urban children/students need to:
  2. Know their purpose for going to school
  3. Cooperate with their learning
  4. Support and cooperate with their fellow students
  5. Make the academic strides in Reading and Math that close the Achievement Gap (the disparity in academic performance between groups of students)
  6. Tapping Our Parental Power (TOPP) is a parent education and empowerment curriculum that equips parents to provide home environments that supports academic success while respecting the unique needs of every household. Parents complete exercises and participate in discussions that gain their trust, permission and cooperation to become Empowered Parents; ones who:
    1. Are aware of, and willing to take responsibility for, the psychological, emotional and physical impact of their words, attitudes, and behaviors on their children
    2. Are committed to providing what is needed for the positive growth, maintenance and development of children
    3. Consciously transmit a system of positive and productive values and beliefs to their children
    4. Establish rules, boundaries and consequences that they consistently apply to themselves and their children
    5. Are flexible in their parenting with the goal of raising their children to be empowered adults/parents.