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Basic Information

Address: 1530 Bradfox lane, N. Las Vegas, NV 89032
Phone Number: 702-406-3080
Person of Contact: Charles Ajuziem

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Additional Information

What’s Bugging You? Pest Control Services is a minority, disabled (person) owned pest control company in N. Las vegas, Nevada. What’s Bugging You? Pest control provides pest control & extermination services to residential and commercial establishments in Las Vegas & Clark County, Nevada. Owner’s experience include safety compliance, environmental compliance, health inspector, hazardous waste management and teacher.

 We exterminate Bugs  using:

 1.    The best and safest EPA approved pesticides,

2.    Simple and effective no-pesticide alternatives to chemical pesticides’

3.    Minimize health risks and prevent pest re-infestation.

 The chemicals we use are safe to people, pets and the environment. You will know what is being applied in your home. 

What’s Bugging You? Pest Control Services strategy for controlling pests:

 1.        Combination of methods known as integrated pest management.

2.        Customer involvement and training.

3.        We provide each customer with information on what steps to take to control pests in and around their dwelling.

4.        What alternatives to chemical pesticides are available, including pest prevention and non-chemical pest controls.

 We build relationships, one customer at a time.

What’s Bugging You? Pest control services include:

  Ants                      Roaches                                Wasps                   Crickets                                Grasshoppers    

  Spiders                 Mosquitoes                           Ticks                     Fleas                                     Scorpions

  Beetles                  House Flies                           Nuisance pests      Bed Bugs                              Mice  

  Bees

Excludes    Pigeons/Birds

Our prices are reasonable and very affordable: $25 for one level, $30 for two levels. Add your front and back yard for just $15! We will work around your schedule to provide you the quickest response, as well as the best service.