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Address: PMB 767 5405 Alton Pkwy., #5-A Irvine, CA 92604
Phone Number: 888-928-9988; 949-653-7803
Fax Number: 949-653-7629
Person of Contact: William Li

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Wiland Industries Inc.
Wiland Industries Inc.
Wiland Industries Inc.
Wiland Industries Inc.

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Additional Information

Wiland Industries is a supplier of consumer products that provides the individual with safety and convenience. Operating in North America since 1997, our manufacturing experience with consumer goods has given us a good market penetration, particularly in the auto safety and new energy saving industry.  

We have special programs (Price discount; Safety back up program for K10 to K12 students…) for school districts, schools, teachers, government departments, senior centers….

Please email: cs@wiland.us  contacts us for the discount code and programs.

Product:                                  Applicants

LED safety Light:     Signal – Stop sign signal; Emergency (earth quake, flood, snow, fog, high way, camping, car accidents, forest area...) signal; Vehicles, RV, tailor, farm equipments…moving signal; Bicycle tail signal.

                                 Lighting – Solar supporting lighting; Emergency (earth quick, flood, snow, fog, high way, camping, car accidents, out of electric...) lighting;  Home & garden (reading, step, bedroom, kitchen, tree…) lighting; Party lighting; Bicycle head lighting. 

                                 Gift – Silkscreen printing school’s logo on the lens of lights.

Backup Sensor:       Safety backup warning systems help all vehicle drivers. It is great helpful to new (including K10~K12 students) drivers and senior drivers.

                                 Safety back up program – Parking lot safety education; back up sensor application, installation, comparison and service.

                                 Promotion & gift – Stick your logo or name on the promotion area of license plate back up sensor. People will see the logo and name of your school or alternate term’s when you drive the cars.

                                 That is one of the best safety equipment for school buses, truck, trailer, RV…too.

Visit our web site: www.wiland.us for detail information.