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Address: 4421 E. La Palma Ave, Suite A, Anaheim, CA 92807
Phone Number: +61 419 820 695
Person of Contact: Leon Will

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Welcome to Willworx Bicycle Racks & Stands.

We design and manufacture our unique range of bicycle racks and stands for almost every application, whether it be our consumer versions to park your bicycle at home, inside or outside, available in single bike, 2-bike, 3-bike & 4-bike versions for larger families.
These CONSUMER versions are all tubular mild steel & with a heavy duty powder-coating finish, they also have 4 grooved rubber feet caps & available in 3 different widths to suit almost every bike tire size, the "SUPERSTAND 2.5" wide, the "EXTREME 3.25" wide and the "FAT RACK" adjustable to suit tires 4", 4,5" and 5" wide.

We also manufacture our outdoors HEAVY-DUTY STAINLESS STEEL SUPERACK IN 2 VERSIONS, the 3-bike and the 5-bike.
These both come as a flat pack of 4 major pieces, the base, the back & the 2 joining tubes at the ends and very simply screw together with 8 x SECURITY TORX BOLTS. These are supplied as is the TORX tool and the expansion bolts to fix them to concrete floors.
The 3-bike version has 2 parking spaces of 2.5" wide and one space of 3.25" wide.
The 5-bike version ha 3 parking spaces of 2.5" wide and 2 spaces of 3.25" wide, this way offering versatility for various width bicycle tires.
Bicycles can be parked into the SUPERACKS WITH EITHER THE FRONT OR REAR WHEEL & provide both horizontal and vertical support of the wheel, without damaging the spokes, gears or derailleurs. Our SUPERACKS also DO NOT touch or damage the bicycle paintwork on the frame or forks like the basic "rail" type or fancy design types of racks these days all rely on the bicycle leaning against the rack & causing damage to the paintwork.
The bicycle wheel positions have also been offset to one side, so that when 2 SUPERACKS are placed BACK-TO-BACK, the wheel positions clear each other from the other side.
Please check our website for more information & photos. Please contact me direct by email, leon@willworx.com to discuss anything that you need to know. I am here to help you with your bicycle parking situation.
Cheers, Leon Will
Designer & Owner,
Willworx Bicycle Racks & Stands.