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Basic Information

Address: 6425 South Willow Springs Road, La Grange Highlands, IL, 60525
County: Cook
Phone Number: 708.579.9040
Fax Number: 708.579.5872

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Acacia Academy
Acacia Academy
Acacia Academy
Acacia Academy

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Additional Information

President: Kathryn Fouks
School Type: Private School, Special Education, Special Needs, Learning Disabilites,
Founded: 1970
Ages/Grades: Grades 1-12, Transition Program Ages 17-22
School Setting:

Located in La Grange Highlands, IL and close to all major highways, Acacia Academy rests on over 2 acres of a certified natural habitat that is the school's Nature Center.

School Size: Approximately 100 students
Classroom Size: 10 students
Student/Teacher Ratio: 1:3

please call 708.579.9040

Financial Aid:

please call 708.579.9040


Elementary, High School, Transtion and Vocational

Support Services:

please call 708.579.9040

Camp Programs: Yes
After School Programs: Yes
Computer Capabilities:

School Computer Labs, SMART boards

Parking Spaces/Availability:


Uniform Guidelines:

uniform, dress code

Mission Statement:

The mission of the school is to assist the individuals it serves in meeting the goals in their individualized educational programs.

The Administration and staff of Acacia Academy offer personalized and exceptional educational instruction of the highest quality to each individual student in the development of his/her intellectual and academic potential. Our instruction is geared to each students specific learning styles.

Our dedication and experience is evident through our programs proven to be successful, administered in an affirming environment to strengthen academic skills and enrich the life of each student. Students leave our school with the fundamental educational and social skills that give them the ability to confront the challenges of tomorrow.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Motivation is crucial to success. There is motivation behind every action. We will assist in motivating by keeping comments positive, providing small increments of instruction, maintaining close proximity, acknowledging talents, promoting an openness to change, listening to others, and modeling the actions we want to see in order to improve the performance of all at our school. We are committed to providing a nurturing, supportive environment through the above actions for teachers and students.

Teacher Statement:

Motivation is important because it is the driving force to achieve personal success. Our role as teachers is to learn what motivates each student and then utilize that knowledge. We will continually use sincere praise and maintain high standards. Students will become engaged in their own learning evidenced in academic achievement.

School History:

Hello, my name is Kathryn Fouks. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. I am the Clinical Director of The Achievement Centers, Inc. and Principal of Acacia Academy in La Grange Highlands, Illinois. Since 1970, we have been providing educational instruction, diagnostic testing, and tutorial assistance for students in the Chicago land area. In both of our programs, our mission is to enrich minds, nurture lives, and build self-esteem.

Acacia Academy offers a variety of year-round and summer programs designed to meet each student's learning objectives in terms of his/her learning capabilities.

The Acacia Tree symbolizes what our school strives to achieve: Educational stability with roots of strength and character that will last a lifetime making Acacia Academy a safe place to grow and learn.

Notes/School Information:

Acacia Academy offers accredited programs for:

*The accelerated and/or gifted student to challenge his/her thinking skills within particular subject areas

*The regular education student to meet his/her academic goals and potential

*For those with Learning Disabilities, Aspergers/Autistic, Intellectually Challenged, and Attention Deficit student who would benefit from a personalized program designed to meet their individual needs.

*Instruction skills, processing abilities, speech/language, and social skills

*Transition and vocational / work study programs are available