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Basic Information

Address: 2450 Hamilton Avenue
County: PA
Phone Number: 2156572200

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Additional Information

President: Head of School, Jeffrey Nick
School Type: Private School
Founded: 1989
Ages/Grades: Kindergarten to Eighth Grade
School Setting:

Located on approximately 14 acres of beautiful landscaping.

School Size: 65 students


Financial Aid:



A comprehensive academic program is provided for Center School students in kindergarten through eighth grade. The curriculum is designed to meet the needs of students and reflect the best of current research. Students receive explicit instruction in academic, organizational, and study skills to provide them with the strategies they need to become independent and confident learners. In Middle School, an advisory system teaches students how to set goals and celebrate their strengths and interests.
Center School’s curriculum is language-based, recognizing the role that language plays in academic success. Using the Pennsylvania Core Standards as a guideline, full curriculum instruction is offered through a structured, multi-sensory approach based on students’ needs and designed to address each child’s learning needs through small group instruction. Curriculum can be adjusted to be taught at an appropriate pace for a student’s individual level of learning.

Percentage of Graduating Class: 100
Support Services:

Speech Services
Additional Learning Supports: STARS Program

Camp Programs: Yes
After School Programs: Yes
Computer Capabilities:

Chrome Books

Parking Spaces/Availability:


Admissions Requirements:

Step 1
Complete our inquiry form or contact the Director of Admissions, Megan Stalker,, 215.657.2200.

Step 2
Set up a visit with the Director of Admissions or attend our next open house. Open House schedule.

Step 3
To be considered for enrollment, a complete application packet must be received. A packet consists of:

Complete online application, with non-refundable $100 application fee
A copy of the student’s full-scale Psychological Educational Evaluation (within the past 2 years)
A copy of the most recent report card
Other documentation to provide if available, recent IEP’s, other reports from professionals
Step 4
Admissions Committee reviews student information.

Step 5
An Admissions interview is scheduled. Parents/guardians/caregivers will meet with the Admission Committee (Head of School, Director of Education, and Director of Admissions).

Step 6
A two-day student visit is scheduled.

Step 7
The Admissions Committee makes a decision based on whether or not Center School can meet the needs of your child.

Center School has a rolling admissions process.

Mission Statement:

Center School's mission is to provide children who learn differently with a personalized education to realize their potential and reshape the way they view themselves and their future.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

It is our belief that every student is capable of academic, social and emotional growth, and we are dedicated to designing instructional programs which foster each child’s optimal development through the use of small group instruction. This involves ongoing diagnosis of the strengths and needs of each student, appropriate instructional placement and a team approach to working with the students.
Our objective is to retain the excellence of an established program while integrating the best of current research and practice. We work to enhance the academic, social and emotional coping skills needed for future success.

School History:

Founded in 1989 by Kathy Hunt and Susan Floyd, both of whom had dyslexic sons, Center School was formed out of the belief that children who struggled with reading and learning would thrive in an environment where their challenges were understood, their strengths celebrated, and their needs addressed.

The accomplishments of these women have not gone unnoticed.

In 2010, the Pennsylvania Branch of the International Dyslexia Association presented Kathy Hunt with the ‘Janet L. Hoopes Award’ for her distinguished contribution to the field of learning disabilities.

In 2011, the Association of Delaware Valley Independent Schools (ADVIS) presented both Susan Floyd and Kathy Hunt with the ‘Visionary Service Award’ in recognition of their extraordinary vision and commitment to providing the best possible education for students who learn differently.

Center School continues to be viewed as the trusted advisor for educators throughout the Delaware Valley, providing expertise in every issue related to learning differences.