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Basic Information

Address: 1515 Maple Ave. Suite 190. Evanston, IL 60201
Phone Number: 847-425-4797
Fax Number: 847-425-4798
President: Samantha Kolkey, LCSW

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Options for College Success
Options for College Success
Options for College Success
Options for College Success

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Additional Information

School Type: Post-Secondary Support Program
Organization Affiliation: Options for College Success is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization providing comprehensive support services to individuals 18 and older with learning challenges and disabilities. We are not affiliated with any specific school.
Degrees Offered:

Students can earn a certificate, Associate's, or Bachelor's degree through a school of their choosing. Our organization does not offer degrees, but we work with any school to support the student.

School Setting:

We are located in Evanston, IL. right by Northwestern University. Our location is a block and a half away from the main transportation hub that take students to and from Chicago and surrounding areas. Students receive all services through our center in Evanston, IL. Our in-residence students live in apartments three doors down from the center. Other students reside at home or in dorms associated with their college. Some of our services are provided remotely for those who cannot make it to our center and those who are out of state.

School Size: Our organization has between 15 and 35 students at one time.
Classroom Size: All services, except for groups and social events, are individualized.
Student/Teacher Ratio: 1:1
School Holidays: The organization closes for Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and between late December to the first week of January for "winter break."

We reside in a college town where our students are amidst peers their age, they have access to a great deal of restaurants, museums, clubs, and other social outlets (including our social events). We are located 25 minutes outside of Chicago.

Housing Availability:

The organization does not provide private housing.

Housing Type: Our students reside in the dorms of their school of choice, at home, or in a community apartment building three doors down from our center. We can assist the student and family in finding an apartment.

In-Residence Full Time Tuition (12 month contract): $47,800 (including all services). The Choices (day) program costs are based on hourly rates depending on the service. These rates range from $25/hour to $100/hour.

Financial Aid:

We do not accept Financial Aid as we are not a school. However, we have worked with families who have funds in their 529ABLE or ABLE accounts, as well as some Medicaid (Illinois) waiver funds.

Disability Services:
  • Individualized one-on-one tutoring and academic support to develop executive functioning skills, study skills, understanding content, and ensuring the use of resources. We also offer a once weekly Executive Functioning group.
  • Career services to learn how to search for jobs, explore interests, and to develop skills and confidence in the application and interview process, as well as maintaining the position.

  • Comprehensive independent living skills sessions designed to enable your student to be successfully self-reliant in all areas of life, advocate for themselves, utilize the resources at their school, as well as teaching students how to receive, use, and implement accommodations.

  • One-on-one finance management session to gain the tools necessary to become fiscally responsible.

  • At least once a week advising sessions to ensure oversight of services.

  • Licensed social workers on staff for social and emotional support.

  • Workshops and group programming that include nutrition, creative writing, healthy relationships, fitness challenges, and yoga.
  • Daily social events, including outings to museums, plays, restaurants, go-karting, bowling, festivals, etc.
  • Students can receive a membership to the YMCA located across the street from the center.
  • Cooking lessons (individual and group)
  • Art
  • Current Events group

Student are encouraged to join clubs at their schools. We enjoy implementing new groups students may be interested in, such as a Book Club.


We provide YMCA memberships, group classes, and fitness challenges.

Parking Spaces/Availability:

There is street parking as well as limited spots available in a parking garage.


We are not an accredited school, so students do not decalre a major with our program.

Study Abroad:

Not applicable

Computer Capabilities:

Our organization allows students access to computers at any time during the week. We can assist our students in utilizing laptops we have stored at the center.

Admissions Requirements:

Requirements and Process:
Initial Meeting with family and student
Student interview with staff member
Application and application fee
Most recent IEP or 504 plan
Most recent psychological/neuropsychological evaluation
If applicable, therapy reports.
Reports from previous schools and programs.
Unofficial transcripts from highschool and any college attended
If applicable, ACT/SAT test scores

Application/Transfer Deadlines:

Rolling admissions.

Please keep in mind that the admimssions process needs to begin at least 4 months before school courses begin.If you are not pursuing a degree, or if you are pursuing a job, and/or independence, please begin the admissions process 3 months in advance.

International Students:

Please call for information.

Mission Statement:


Social Media:

Blog: https://optionsforcollegesuccess.wordpress.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/optionsforcollegesuccess/
Twitter: @Opt4CollSuccess
Instagram: @optionsforcollegesuccess

Additional Information:

We customize all of our services to fit the strengths and goals of the individual.  Please contact us for more information on how we may be able to help you or your student!