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Basic Information

Address: Avenida Simon Bolivar 1880 (Passage), house Nº 1785, Miraflores
Phone Number: (591-2) 2220582 / (591) 72552871
Fax Number: (591-2) 2220582
Director: William Ortiz
Duration: 5 days/15 hours Course, 3 hours/day, Monday to Friday

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ABC Spanish Tuition School
ABC Spanish Tuition School
ABC Spanish Tuition School
ABC Spanish Tuition School

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Additional Information

School Information:

ABC Spanish Tuition is a private school, which along eighteen years of existence has reached great experience in teaching Spanish, both to travelers and foreign residents in La Paz, Bolivia. The 7 Day-21 hour Course became very popular among travelers since the foundation of the School. This Course and the 10 Day-30 hour Course are the Standard Courses and they are perfect for most backpackers with little or some knowledge of the language. The results have always been more than satisfactory, considering the minimum time. The school offers different length of courses for those people who want to learn Spanish intensively, ranging from 1 to 8 weeks courses.


60 Bs/hr

Curriculum Highlights:

The possibility of staying in a house and studying at the same time is a need. For this reason the school gives the possibility of living in a house with a Bolivian family for as long the courses last. In the house there is a nice atmosphere which gives the students the necessary confidence for using the language. Although the classes are not in the same building, the house is located in the very center of the city, near the main avenue. The student can practice the language with any member of the family while having breakfast, lunch, dinner, or at any time of the day. The family offers single, double and matrimonial rooms. Conveniently, you should make a reservation of the room on line or via e-mail, in advance.

The Spanish courses available in the school range from Beginner, Intermediate to Advanced levels. The courses for Beginners usually are more intensive than the others and they can last one, two, three or four weeks. Three or four hours per day depending on the time and money are available and obviously on the needs of the students. The courses for Intermediate students could last one, two or more weeks, and after that, what they need is to practice, practice and practice. Advanced students generally need to perfect and polish their Spanish and the most common course can range from one week to three weeks, at two or three hours everyday. It is advisable either to register on line or to make a reservation of the course via e-mail, in advance. Once in the city, the student(s) will sign a contract with the teacher for the total number of hours.

The classes are either individual or collective. The student can choose to study one-to-one, but if other people who are at the same level want to join the class they will be welcome. The method used in the class is based on grammar and conversation, and from the first class the student will confront different types of situations using grammar patterns according to their level. The classes will take place either in the teacher's house or in the school. The number of students in a class ranges from one to ten students.

The educational tours and sightseeing are 100 % practical, and they are focused for those students who want to practice their Spanish thoroughly, and they can apply the grammar they have learned, and at the same time learn part of Bolivian culture. The students can either take a short tour around the city e.g.: City Tour, Moon Valley, etc. or practice the different situations like : Buying in the Market, Making an Appointment , On the Phone, which are listed in the packages page, and they are usually performed outdoors. All of these tours and outdoor practices are made with the teacher's guidance.

School Setting:

It is located in Miraflores, the greenest part of La Paz, near the parks and the soccer stadium, on Avenida Simon Bolivar which conects with Avenida Camacho, paralell to the main Avenue.

Program Information: Our mission is to help you meet your goals and that you could enjoy the rest of your trip in South America, either working, studying or just meeting different people.

NAME : Patrick Huff
REPORT / COMMENTS : If you're considering learning Spanish in La Paz, you should definitely consider learning Spanish with ABC Spanish Tuition and William Ortiz. William’s knowledge, and skill is only matched by his great patience with beginners. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced student one could not wish for a more friendly and positive learning environment.
My home stay in La Paz was also wonderful. The family I stayed with was very friendly, helpful, and generous with their home. Nearly every morning at breakfast my host would engage me with conversation in Spanish. This was great practice and it got my mind working for my sessions with William.

Learning Spanish in the context of La Paz is inspiring; La Paz is a beautiful highland city with a rich history. There are some great sights to see in La Paz and the people are fantastic, very friendly.

Again, I highly recommend ABC Spanish, great experience, great teacher, and great city!

01:01:05 PM

NAME : Tyler Beers
SPANISH LEVEL : Intermedio
REPORT / COMMENTS : I took 3 weeks classes for 5 hours and left with the ability to function in Bolivia. I became a resident dj at one of the bars in La Paz and was able to make permanant friends (and 2 girlfriends,) in this city. My professor in EEUU is happy with my progress, and I am ready to take this skills home with me to continue learning and teaching. I found William to be open to which ways work best and when I told him my focus was to understand and speak more of the sentences I need, rather than saying a few sentences perfectly, he listened. We progressed rapidly. William is both a good teacher and a fun person to be around and helped me with more than just my Spanish while I was here.

10:50:32 AM

NAME : Merlin North
SPANISH LEVEL : Intermedio
NUMBER OF HOURS OF STUDY : 27hours / 3hrs per day for 9 days
REPORT / COMMENTS : Of my 4 teachers I had in South America, William was easily the best. The phrases I learnt with him gave me the confidence I needed in Spanish to losen my tongue and besides his strong knowledge of the grammar gave his teachings a flexibility that allowed us to study exactly what I needed to know. Also his fluency in English meant, I could ask any English saying and he would give the Spanish equivalent although we conducted all the class in Spanish. I studied at other schools in Bolivia but found the courses to be structured for longer term students, so everything was taught very slowly and I learnt very little. Unlike this school where you learn very fast in a short space of time.
I highly recommend ABC Spanish Tuition as one of the best schools in Bolivia.
Good luck!


ABC Spanish Tuition is a private Spanish School that has been teaching the language for 18 years. All travellers who want to either take an immersion course or continue their Spanish studies are very welcome.
The teaching method used is related to all kinds of situations that the person will need to confront in his or her travellings, everything based on linguistic differences, especially compared to English language. Any traveller from around the world who can speak some English and is able to use this language in basic  or more advanced standards, can use it as a mean to learn Spanish. However, French language is also used when teaching French speaking people.
Every student should meet their needs for the language when they approach to our school.
Flexiblity in the class, in the schedules, in the homestay and even in the prices is one of our characteristics.
Just trust us when you approach to us and feel sure that you will really get what you want. Because one of our goals is that you feel self confident, especially when using your Spanish.