Climate Activism in the Caribbean

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Basic Information

Address: Richmond Vale Academy, Chateaubelair, East Caribbean, West Indies.
Phone Number: +1.784.458.2255
Director: Stina Herberg
Duration: 1- 6 Months

Action Shots

Climate Activism in the Caribbean
Climate Activism in the Caribbean
Climate Activism in the Caribbean
Climate Activism in the Caribbean

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Additional Information

School Information:

Richmond Vale Academy (RVA) is in cooperated under the “Companies Act of 1994” as a nonprofit organization recruiting and preparing participants for volunteering in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Belize and Ecuador. Since the start in 2002 – 600 students from St. Vincent and around the World have joined the programs. RVA has an average of 45 students all year round. There is one teacher per 10 students.

Curriculum Highlights:

While you are here you can do a Discover Dive and a Deep Water PADI certificate.

School Setting:

RVA is located on the island of St. Vincent, which is part of an island group of 32 islands and cays in the Caribbean called St. Vincent and the Grenadines. St. Vincent is a volcano island and the biggest of the islands. RVA is a at the foot of the Volcano “La Soufriere” in the middle of magnificent nature trails, rivers and 5 min. from the sea.

Program Information: The Climate Compliance Program seeks to educate, raise awareness and mobilize people to take action. It offers a practical solution to building greater resilience into vulnerable communities by implementing actions to protect the natural resources that they depend on. 

Since the start of the program people from St. Vincent along with volunteers from all over the World have educated themselves in Climate Compliance – specifically in the effects on small island nations – and have taken practical action such as planting 25 000 trees and removing 20 tons of trash from rivers, beaches and communities. 

The Volunteers join a team for 1-6 months. They want to make a difference when it comes to eradicating poverty because they believe Poverty and Global Warming is closely connected and they want to be part of creating an example for the World to see – “A country that is ready for Climate Change”. The program is all about building their theoretical and practical capacity to enable them to do just that.

A small group of teachers and students from Richmond Vale Academy (RVA) work together with a big group of Vincentians to make the island and people ready for climate change. 

This has been the aim and the result at every action ranging from the first Beach cleanup in March 2012 to getting people’s houses cleaned up after the flooding December 2013, restoring the water pipe line in North Leeward and planting trees with hundreds of children and farmers.

The program has aimed at educating and inform about Climate Change issues, Biodiversity to a broad audience from children age 4 to adults. RVA has done this in every possible way – by face-to-face presentations in schools, organizations, community groups as well as through TV, Radio and Newspapers. The program has consistently been present in the public Media and has also produced newspapers which have been distributed all over the Islands about Tree planting, Climate Change etc. 

This has all increased the awareness about climate change issues and biodiversity and through the actions done in the community also built a strong network and created strong partnerships with Government officials, organizations, businesses and private people.

RVA has developed the capacity within the staff and the volunteers attending the programs. The collective staff has a high-accumulated experience in project planning and management in different countries.

The volunteers taking part in the Climate Compliance Program come from all over the World with different ages and background ranging students taking a gab year, environmental engineers, lawyers, carpenters etc.
They are a decisive corner stone in making this work – from the actual implementing power to the mobilization and example for the community to follow. 

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