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Address: Alberto Aguilera, 26 28015 Madrid, Spain
Phone Number: +34 91 594 37 76
Fax Number: +34 91 594 51 59
Director: Antonio Anadon

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School Information:

Since 1989, ENFOCAMP's international Spanish summer camps in Barcelona, Granada, Madrid, Marbella, Salamanca, Sevilla and Valencia have been the answer for children and teenagers who want to spend a unique summer in Spain learning a language in our summer courses.

Our Spanish summer camps offer students the one-of-a-kind opportunity to study in an international environment, given that 40% of our participants come from over 32 countries. All of our participants live and spend 24 hours a day with other young students from the United States, Russia, England, France, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Japan...

Program Information: * To offer English or Spanish summer courses for foreigners in a 100% international, healthy and multicultural setting, living 24 hours a day with other children and teenagers from around the world. * To provide students with a highly supportive setting in which personal growth is encouraged, as students carry out daily tasks independent of the help or protection of their families. * To provide a unique atmosphere in our summer youth camps which emphasizes nature and sports. * To form social relationships and make new Spanish and foreign friends. Many of our camp participants are come back year after year and 40% are foreigners. * To instill the values of teamwork and individual responsibility in day-to-day tasks in a healthy environment. * To offer a wide range of enriching sports and cultural Spanish summer camps activities that encourage students to build individual character, confidence and skills. * To experience each day as a new, exciting adventure. * Our motto, “Optima secuor ludo et labore”- Towards perfection through studies and sports. * To have an unforgettable summer... discover us!