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Basic Information

Address: via Alfani,68 50121 Florence Italy
Phone Number: +39 055 294680
Fax Number: +39 055 28 34 81
Director: Tatiana Perugini
Duration: Founded in 1985

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Galile Institute of Italian Language
Galile Institute of Italian Language
Galile Institute of Italian Language
Galile Institute of Italian Language

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Additional Information

School Information:

Our school of Italian language in Florence is specialized in Italian language courses with personalized programs created according to the needs of each student, which allow to learn or improve Italian in short times. Furthermore, the Institute offers cultural courses for those who wish to deepen and live some of the most characteristic aspects of the Italian culture. Among the many schools here, we differentiate ourselves thanks to the high level of attention we dedicate to each of our students.

Curriculum Highlights:

The Italian one-to-one and small group courses (max. 4 students) enable the students to put the learned grammar structures directly into practice as they assure a high degree of active participation at the lesson.
In fact, the experience showed us that the key factors for quick and in-depth results are a rigorous attention of the teacher to each student, a studying program tailored to the individual linguistic needs as well as a continuous practice of the learned structures under the guidance of an experienced teacher.

Particular aspects of language can be explored or emphasized according to the student’s wishes and needs. The One-to-one courses grant full flexibility in terms of schedule and program.

One week of our One-to-One courses corresponds to approximately one month in a class with other students

With 3-4 students per class, our Small Group courses are a good alternative to One-to-One course for those who prefer to be part of a group class but still wish to work on an almost individual level.

The One-to-One courses can be started and finished any day requested. The small group courses start every other Monday

School Setting:

The school is located in the centre of Florence, only a 5-minute walk from the Cathedral (Duomo). Florence stands to the Italian language like Oxford to English. Florence is the place where Italian was born and the first writers such as Dante and Boccaccio were Florentines. Still at the present time Florence is the town in Italy where a purer Italian is spoken while in other regions of Italy dialects are spoken and their heavy inflexion in the pronunciation can give foreigners some trouble in understanding the language.
The rooms of our school are equipped with air conditioning, audio-visual system, stereo recording facilities and a computer to practice the grammar and to connect to Internet. A wireless connection is available, and can be used by the students with their own laptop.

Program Information: One-to-One courses The one-to-one courses are tailored to fit the necessities of the single student. Experienced teachers establish the programs according to the student’s characteristics and daily results. Particular aspects of the language such as grammar, conversation, syntax, etc. can be explored or emphasized according to the student’s wishes. In addition, he/she can request to be trained in the vocabulary of his/her occupation or area of interest. We offer a wide range of programs from 4 to 8 hours of lesson per day with the option of having included lunch at the restaurant with the teacher, which gives further opportunity to consolidate the practical use of the language by emphasizing on conversation. All details and prices are shown at the following Internet address: and Our programs are never rigid nor the same for everyone. We establish a personal program of study in order to allow every individual to reach the desired goal and level. The students are free to decide the beginning date, the schedule and the length of the period of study. Our One-to-One courses are divided in ten levels: from the first one, for beginners, to the tenth in which the complete control of the language is achieved.

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We use a flexible and personalized teaching approach, taking into consideration that mother-tongue, age, interests, study habits and motivation make a difference from person to person in terms of time and ways of learning.


  • Evaluation of the student’s linguistic needs and characteristics. According to the student’s profile decision on whether to favour a more conversational or technical-syntactical approach of teaching;
  • Individualization of the student’s personal interests in order to assure that the course contents (subjects of conversations, readings, writings, etc.) are of his/her interest, which helps to facilitate the process of learning;
  • Selection of the most appropriate instruments and their way of utilisation, such as conversational activities, audio-visual material, articles from newspapers or reviews, etc.;
  • Controlling of the process of learning: small tests, guided conversations, graduated exercises in order to verify the results of the various stages of learning, and to decide on the exact ongoing of the studying program;
  • Interpretation of the achieved results so that the student is aware on what he/she has learnt                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Italian course “A”
    4 hours of Italian language per day, from 9am to 1pm. This course is basic and advisable for those who wish to have free time in the afternoon for visiting Florence and the Tuscany or for other activities.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Italian courses “B” and “D”
    Course “B” is of 6 hours per day, course “D” of 8 hours per day. The lessons in the morning (9am – 1pm) emphasize on grammar and language structure, while the hours in the afternoon concentrate on the practical use of the language.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Italian courses “C” and “E”
    6 respectively 8 hours of Italian per day, including lunch with the teacher at the restaurant*. The lessons continue without interruption with two different teachers and allow the student undiluted exposure to the Italian language inside and out of the school. These courses are indicated especially to whom already knows some Italian.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Italian course “F”
    evening course of 5 hours Italian a day, including dinner with the teacher at the restaurant*. Course “F” has been structured for those who wish to take advantage of the day time hours for business or sightseeing.