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Basic Information

Address: 12, St. 251 Digla, el Maadi-Cairo, Egypt
Phone Number: +0225214184
Fax Number: +0225214184
Director: Dr. Nagwa Hedayet
Duration: Since 1994-1995 up to present

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Hedayet Institute for Arabic Studies
Hedayet Institute for Arabic Studies
Hedayet Institute for Arabic Studies
Hedayet Institute for Arabic Studies

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Additional Information

School Information:

Hedayet Institute for Arabic Studies is a pioneer language center in the Middle East teaching Arabic to non-native speakers and related subjects to Arabic culture. The educational administration is in international education fields since a long time & is certified by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) since 1993. Study Abroad short ( 7 weeks) & long (14 or 21 weeks +) programs include intensive 20 hours per week language class hours & weekly cultural activities of tours, seminars, films, cooking classes to mention a few that enhances the language acquisition greatly as well as understanding of the Arabic & Egyptian culture. The institute is located in Maadi, one of the most green areas in Cairo as well as one of the safest since 60+ embassies are located in Maadi, south of Cairo and 20 minutes by Metro to downtown Cairo. Most instructors hold their MA in teaching Arabic as a foreign language from the American University in Cairo and the content-based courses are taught by specials v. well experienced in their fields such as: Islamic Architecture, Egyptology, Islamic Philosophy, Arab literature, Oriental music, Arabic Calligraphy, Arab Islamic History, History of al Andalus or Muslim Spain. Hedayet Institute may tailor programs to colleges and university students or international organisations as UN, MSF, Care International etc. to cater for their needs if we have an enough time notice otherwise it will be an enrolling according to the posted term start and end dates on our web site. There are short ( 1 to 3 wks) programs discounted offers in seasonal periods such as in Christmas and the Spring vacation.


$2500 USD for the Total Immersion program per student in a 7 week term

Financial Aid:

50% for the academically excellent applicants if they can officially prove their school transcript in the previous year of joining Hedayet progra.

Curriculum Highlights:

Total Immersion program of 7 week term includes: 10 class hours per week of Modern Standard Arabic, 6 hours per week of Egyptian Colloquial Arabic, one elective 3-4 hours course per week that the student chooses from our elective courses list on the web site or through correspondace with admin. at : info@hedayetinstitute.com

School Setting:

Regular 3 and a half or four hours classes every day and outings in touristic Pharaohnic, Jewish, Coptic, Islamic and modern Egyptian sites every weekend.

Program Information: 20 hours per week in the Total Immersion study abroad program of 7 week or of 14 week period.
It includes 140 contact class hours and its doubling in two terms etc.
Tuition fess include:
1- Application to the program
2-A pick up from Cairo airport to the student's housing place in Cairo
3- Placement test for those who have had some Arabic before
4- 20 hours of Language and elctive culture related subjects per week taught by highly specialised instructors
5- Weekly trips and culture actuvities which includes transportation fees and a professional guide fee but the students pay their lunch and sauvenirs as well as the entry tickets of touristic places
6- Free Wi Fi all over the school all the school day long
7- Use of a good library sources books or audiovisual materials
8- Assistance in finding accommodation if the student could not choose their own by checking: www.airbnb.com in Digla, el Maadi

SIT , Fulbright , UN headquarters in NY, Mitchgan, Columbia, Harvard, Chicago, BYU, Utah , Notre Dam, Arizona universities. WE have had students from all these sources undergraduates and graduates and you may check some of their testimonials on our web site at https://www.hedayetinstitute.com


A serious student may jump one major proficiency language level according to ACTFL criteria in ONE 7 week term.
Attractions of Egypt are all unique ones and most people feel they have two nationalities: Egyptian and their own nationality because it was the peak of human-allhuma- civilisation.
The area where the institute is located is the best for non native speakers for it is environmentally friendly and the green areas help students to concentrate
Needless to say that our instructors have great compassion to their students who later become friends and communication never stops at the end of the program.
There is an Islamic Studies Total Immersion program where the elective content-based courses of the student may be two courses but from the Islamic Studies courses like shari'a or Islamic Philosophy etc. noy calligraphy or Egyptology etc. but also these Islamic Studies students have less number of Egyptian Colloquial Arabic and instead of 6 they take only 3 hours per week just for their communication with natives on daily basis.