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Address: 194223, St.Petersburg, Zhaka-Duklo st, 6/1
Phone Number: +79052747666
Director: Maria Lobanova, program director
Duration: 1 month - 1 year

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Additional Information

School Information:

Unique combination of Russian studies and professional internships in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow. Learn language in academic and professional spheres, gaining international working experience!
* Personalized and saturated programs
* Best and centrally located Russian language schools
* Guaranteed internship placement according to your specialty and interests i the most reliable companies
* Turnkey packages
* Internships in any professional sphere
* All-year program availability
* Simple registration procedure
Create your own individual program on a turn-key basis considering your education, skills, wishes and professional goals.


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Curriculum Highlights:

You can start every Monday all the year round except national holidays.