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Basic Information

Address: 23 King Street, Cambridge, CB1 1AH, UK
Phone Number: +44 8708 031 732
Fax Number: +44 8707 625 542
Director: Jenny Evans
Duration: 1-3 weeks

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Additional Information

School Information:

Reach Cambridge is a leading residential summer school based in Cambridge, England. Students live and learn in the historic colleges of Cambridge University and have the chance to meet students from all over the world.

Financial Aid:

No, but early bird discounts of up to £600 are offered at certain times of the year

Curriculum Highlights:

Reach Cambridge combines the world-class knowledge and ‘critical-thinking’ teaching style of Cambridge academics and the exceptional classroom experience of our teachers from within the Cambridge system, with the most recent pedagogical techniques tailored to young people.

School Setting:

Cambridge is a prestigious centre of academia and a beautiful place to live and study. There are 31 colleges within the 800 year-old University of Cambridge, which numerous scholars have passed through on their way to changing the way we see the world: Sir Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, William Wordsworth, Sylvia Plath, and Stephen Hawking to name but a few! Every student on Reach Cambridge has the chance to walk the same corridors and study in the same colleges as these famous scholars. All Reach Cambridge students are housed in College accommodation and eat their meals in a College dining hall. This in itself gives a unique insight into the life of a Cambridge student.

Program Information: Each student chooses one of a variety of courses. Each course is specially designed to complement high school studies, whilst also offering a glimpse of University-style learning. All the programmes encapsulate the main features at the heart of a Reach Cambridge programme: pre-college preparation, lectures, workshops, activities and excursions.

During Reach Cambridge, each individual lives like a University student in University accommodation, with University-style classes. The programme offers the opportunity to meet people from all over the world, learn about different cultures, and make friends for life. Classes promote a way of studying which encourages students to see things from a totally new perspective and rediscover the fun of learning, whilst growing in confidence. Outside of classes, there are lots of ways to have fun! There are activities such as sports in the College's extensive grounds, creative/ artistic classes, drama, social activities and free time to explore Cambridge. On top of this, there are also trips to some of the most famous places in the UK, such as London, Stratford, Brighton and Oxford.