Soi Dog Foundation

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Basic Information

Phone Number: +66870508688
Director: john dalley
Duration: no limits

Action Shots

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Additional Information


working with animals, veterinary and non veterinary

Financial Aid:

none, but transfers to shelter and accommodation.

Curriculum Highlights:

Seeing the difference you make to animals desperately in need.

School Setting:

Phuket Thailand. Beachfront accommodation available at low cost February through November

Program Information: Soi Dog Foundation is a non profit organisation fully registered in Thailand and the Netherlands, dedicated to relieving the suffering of street dogs and cats in Thailand based on the island of Phuket. Sterilization clinics held daily. Over 200 animals at its shelter, both residents who have suffered cruelty and abuse and others receiving treatment

By request


 Veterinary students will gain experience in the treatment and sterilization of dogs and cats.


Non veterinary students will work with our resident and treatment dogs who love the attention.