World Volunteering Programme

Basic Information

Address: 7 Somerset Court. 136 Queens Road. Buckhurst Hill. IG9 5AT. England
Director: Annabella Matute - Castro
Duration: 4-12 months

Action Shots

World Volunteering Programme
World Volunteering Programme
World Volunteering Programme
World Volunteering Programme

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Additional Information


Administrative fees apply. For rates please drop us an email.

Curriculum Highlights:

Volunteers will have the opportunity to improve their language skills, experience an international and multicultural setting, learn new life skils and make friends from all over the world!

School Setting:

UK: England, Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales
Peru: Lima and the provinces
India: Bangalore

Program Information: Volunteering opportunities to help the homeless, those with a disability, young offenders and to promote development and poverty relief. No experience required, but lots of empathy and willingness to help.

Recruitment is carried out a year in advance. Currently recruiting for 2013 for the UK and Peru.

Full time volunteering placements: 4 - 12 months.

For India, placements will start in September 2012.

Full time volunteering placements: 1 - 12 months.

The selection process implies an online (via Skype) or telephone interview to assess the candidate's suitability. Our motto is that "everyone has something to give as long as they are willing to"

Please drop us an email for further details: